Mike Vuocolo’s 20 FROM 2020 Photo Gallery !

February 5, 2021 • Local Photographers, Photo Portfolio, Photos, Swell Gallery

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Long time New Jersey surf shooter and photojournalist edited his favorite 20 photos from 2020 and captioned them as well for your viewing pleasure.

Nobody’s been shooting his area of Jersey more since the 70’s like Inlet vet Mike Vuocolo. Check out Mikes “Shooter” portfolio here https://www.easternsurf.com/photos/shooter-meet-new-jersey-lensman-mike-vuocolo/ and give him a follow on Instagram @mikesshoreshots. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

December 18, 2020. How will we remember the year of 2020? Pandemic, social unrest, political insanity, hyperactive tropics ? Hopefully it will be the waves. The day after a record Hurricane ended the Atlantic continued to send waves to the mid-Atlantic region with the final surf of the year shown here. So much sand has been shifted about in northern Ocean County producing some unusual waves in unusual spots.

October 14, 2020. This shot is a favorite because Brielle’s Cole Deveney truly improves with every session and this powerful layback could be a mirror image of Dad TR back in the day. If you are on the North Shore next week look for Cole charging it and carrying on the family tradition.

January 11, 2020. These 365 days will go down as the year that changed the way we work, shop, eat, play and educate. Good by hugs and handshakes are a thing of the past right now. But you can only enjoy the beach by physically being there.These two not taking any chances while they get the ten bucks worth in Point Pleasant Beach.

January 11, 2020. Not even sure I had the road grime off me when I pulled into Sebastian Inlet last January where a 10 day swell was just starting to arrive. I like shooting Chauncey Robinson as you can count on him putting in a top performance on any day.


September 14, 2020. Top surfers, top waves and great lighting make for great photos. Sam Hammer carving Hurricane Paulette in Point Pleasant Beach.

August 12, 2020. Tourism is the engine that powers the Jersey Shore economy. While businesses were forecasting disaster for the 2020 season, you had to work a bit to find your own space on the Beach thisweekend after the 4th of July.

January 13, 2020. A favorite of mine from last January finds 14 year old rising star Zoe Benedetto on this inside nugget at Sebastian Inlet. Record warmth and style and power are evident here.

September, 30, 2020. The fabled Bay Head groins were covered up with a beach replenishment and eliminated the breaks
for the last two years. Thirty named storms redirected every grain of sand and set Jim Mitchell up
with this full throttle beach break screamer at Bridge Avenue.

September 23, 2020. The best morning surf check of the year when the wind went offshore and the sun rose to showwhat Hurricane Teddy had planned for the day at Manasquan Inlet.

September 20, 2020. It was a thrill to see Bay Head’s Howe Street rearranged sand bar properly handling long lines from the tropics.

October 11, 2020. Last spring most brick and motar small retailers thought for sure they would go tits up due to the pandemic. With a little creativity and compliance with health protocols the Surf industry had a record year by all accounts. Some even reported product demand exceeding availability. Bob Hoste scoring a new noserider with some help from Beach House Classic Board Shop’s John Repscher at left.

October 6, 2020. Brendan Tighe grew up hustling chairs and umbrellas to tourist at this stretch of beach and knows it like the back of his hand. Always enjoy watching his precise, powerful backhand snaps.

December, 2020. Northern Ocean County had been forced to install 16 foot sand dunes complete with vegetation and undergo a beach fortification that would be followed by the reconstruction of new Groins on top of the new Bay Head beach. While cranes wait in the background a mid December swell took out what was left of the new beach one day before construction was to begin, exposing the original groins installed to control erosion in the 1960’s.

January 24, 2020. More and more groms seem to be chargin’ it everywhere and it’s a great day when you can catch a rising star from North Florida like Carl Burger tearing up Larry’s Left visiting my other favorite inlet at Sebastian State Park.

September 27, 2020. Speaking of groms, officially anointed “Mr Stoke” is Point Pleasant Beach’s Max Esposito, a second generation local. 12 year old Max is part of an emerging band of brothers that includes James Brooks, PJ Neithe, Gage Boyle, Jude Bowers, Seamus Waltsak, Finn Holloway, Gavin Mitchell and Nick Gardella to name a few. Could you imagine what goes through these kids heads during this insane year? No School or after school activities to keep them from the water, endless run of waves from named storms tearing through two alphabets, pros showing up from both coasts and photographers creating images from the beach, water and above.

January 15, 2020. I enjoy being able to stand in the shorebreak and grab great action using a short lens. The lighting and colors in this shot work perfectly with Christian Peronard’s Sebastian Inlet boost last winter.

September 14, 2020. The big switch does not completely shut down the Jersey Shore after Labor Day weekend. Many find it the preferred time to take the family to the beach and keep plenty of distance from anyone else. Jenkinson’s Beach Lifeguard Dean Sherry is off for the season and has plenty of time to enjoy the unprecedented Hurricane season at it’s peak

October 6, 2020. Cole Deveney warming up with home field advantage in Spring Lake before the final Manasquan High School Surf meet of the season. The Warriors won their 7th State Title this season.

August 17, 2020. 30 named tropical storms and 13 Hurricanes joined us during this year of extremes. Nothing arouses all of you senses like the arrival of the first one of the season. I like the view of famous spot from an unusual angle. You can almost feel Mike De Jiannes stoke as he gets his eyes on Isaias.

September 14, 2020. Sun rises at Manasquan Inlet to reveal what Hurricane Teddy delivered.