Photo Countdown To The 50’th Annual ESA Championships Continues …

August 31, 2018 • Eastern Surfing Association, Photos

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It won’t be long until the first official hooter blows and the inaugural, green heat flag is raised up on September 16th at Jennettes Pier in Nags Head, NC signaling the start of the 50th running of the Eastern Surfing Championships. To get the competitive juices flowing the ESA and ESM will be running a daily photo countdown with some of the best action images, decisive moments and just plain fun times ( because isn’t that what it is really all about in the end? ) selected from the past years of regional qualifiers, the wave blessed 2017 Easterns and from five decades of amazing moments from deep in the ESM archives. For all info on the upcoming 2018 ESA Championship’s please go to and get ready to bring your A-game!

( l-r ) David Reese and Cecil Lear. Photo: Mez

Take a good look at this photo taken in 2008 at Buxton and know that there would probably be no Eastern Surfing Association without two of these founding fathers Dave Reese ( left ) and Cecil Lear. These two were the sparkplugs who conceptualized, organized, push, pulled, shaped and eventually helped give birth to one of the most recognized and influential amateur competition organizations in the world. The organization that schooled and launched the careers of Kelly Slater, Wes Laine, The Hobgood brothers, Dean Randazzo, Ben Bourgeois and, more recently, rising pro stars Eric and Evan Geiselman, and Mike Dunphy to name just a few.  Just as important is the list as long as the Preamble to the Constitution of those who went on to be leaders, movers, shakers and highly influential surfer-citizens in every area and aspect of the surf industry not to mention outside of it. And while these two humble icons will never take credit and deflect to others ( like the beloved executive director Dr. Colin Couture among others ) for the successes of the ESA on the eve of the 50th annual running of The Eastern Championships contest, we’ll take a moment here to honor their critical contributions and hope they can look back with fondness on five decades of accomplishments they helped wrought and the untold number of lives they impacted in so many positive ways. You want to know what a true legend looks like? Just take a look here because very few bigger ones surf and walk amongst us than these two gentleman.  – Mez –