It’s that time again! We need your help choosing the best Photo of the Day from last month, which saw a ton of great waves, spectacular shots, insane action, and evocative images. Scroll through all the shots below the poll and then let us know which one you love the most! Voting will remain live until Sunday, February 26th at 11:59 PM — we’ll announced the winner on Monday, February 27th.

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New York. Photo: Erik Schwab

photo of the day, january 3, 2017

Florida Panhandle. Photo: Alex Dantin

photo of the day, january 4, 2017

Matt Millemann, Maine. Photo: Vic Brazen

New Jersey. Photo: Leo Schnappauf

Frank Walsh, New Jersey. Photo: Kyle Arcomano

photo of the day, january 5, 2017, kyle gray, florida panhandle

Florida Panhandle. Photo: Kyle Gray

photo of the day, potd, January 6, 2017, mike cassella, new jersey

New Jersey. Photo: Mike Cassella

new jersey, photo of the day, potd, january 9, 2017 winter, snow, blizzard, helena

New Jersey. Photo: John Glenn

photo of the day, potd, january 10, 2017

South Florida. Photo: Christian Oehmke

Great Lakes. Photo: Drew Kleine

photo of the day, January 12, 2017, new jersey, john gilman

New Jersey. Photo: John Gilman

photo of the day, potd, james parascandola, new york, neal campbell, longboard, winter

Neal Campbell, New York. Photo: James Parascandola

photo of the day, potd, january 14, 2017, new hampshire, ralph fatello

New Hampshire. Photo: Ralph Fatello

photo of the day, january 15, 2017, new hampshire

Andy Elliott, New Hampshire. Photo: John Adams

photo of the day, potd, january 16, 2017, zion balbuena, dominican republic, jorge mijares,

Zion Balbuena, Dominican Republic. Photo: Jorge Mijares

january 18, 2017

Ale Moreda, Puerto Rico. Photo: Natty Graham

potd, photo of the day, january 20, 2016

New Jersey. Photo: Jules D’Arco

photo of the day, potd, january 17, 2017, cody hammer, north carolina, brody lewis, outer banks

Brody Lewis, North Carolina. Photo: Cody Hammer

january 19, 2017, potd, photo of the day, tim torchia, new jersey, jack murphy

Jack Murphy, New Jersey. Photo: Tim Torchia

photo of the day, potd, january 23, 2017

New England. Photo: Trevor Murphy

january 24, 2017

Laird Myers, North Carolina. Photo: Woody Harris

New Jersey. Photo: Matt Reitinger

january 26, 2017

Logan Hayes, South Florida. Photo: Jacob Strahlo

january 27, 2017, esa all-stars, dugan

2017 ESA All-Star Team. Photo: Dugan

january 30, 2017

North Carolina. Photo: Cory Godwin

january 29, 2017

Jeremy Taylor, South Florida. Photo: Mark Hill

january 31, 2017, rick briggs, kelly slater,

Kelly Slater, Pipeline, Hawaii. Photo: Rick Briggs

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