Volcom’s East Coast Thrash Tour

September 15, 2017 • News

In late August the Wanderlodge East Coast Tour thrashed its way from Charleston South Carolina to Newport, Rhode Island. With 14 events in as many days the Volcom team ripped through each town with full of good spirits and positive energy. Shop stops, shows, haircuts, solar eclipses, skate parks, pumping surf, movie premiers, late nights and long drives filled the weeks with plenty of fun. Noa Deane and Andrew Doheny collaborated with their two bands Blistar and Power Lunch during the first week, and made some noise in the Southeast. And Mitch Coleborn, Balaram Stack and the boys burned up the road scoring epic surf in the Northeast. Check out the photos and video below to tell the real stories. Thanks to all who came out to support, and good to see everyone!

A fine night to celebrate the Volcom East Coast Thrash Tour. Photo: Corey Frank

The real reason Mitch Coleborn was excited about this summer’s East Coast tour — fresh New York pizza. Photo: Corey Frank

The premiere of Pat Schmidt and Corey Frank’s new short film under the Summer Rental Studio name. Photo: Corey Frank

Friends and family. Photo: Corey Frank

A fine set of tunes from Brother Andrew. Photo: Corey Frank

Volcom from birth. Photo: Corey Frank

Volcom’s head East Coast honchos Billy Hume and Dane Jeffreys get a tour of The Pit with Rhode Island legend Sid Abbruzzi. Photo: Corey Frank

Get on the bus. Photo: Corey Frank

For the children — Balaram Stack, a true inspiration for young Northeast surfers. Photo: Corey Frank

Hot off the presses. Photo: Corey Frank

How many kids can you fit in the Volcom Stone? Photo: Corey Frank

A ManBearPig signature — worth its weight in gold. Photo: Corey Frank

Dabbin’ with the Heritage crew. Photo: Corey Frank

Schmidt slings signed threads by the seashore. Photo: Corey Frank

All aboard! Photo: Corey Frank

Photo: Corey Frank

With sprinkles, please — the ultimate order. Photo: Corey Frank

Pure stoke. Photo: Corey Frank

The whole family. Photo: Corey Frank

No doubt this kid will treasure this one. Photo: Corey Frank

Corey Frank and Pat Schmidt’s new film screening at Surf Taco. Photo: Corey Frank

Turning right… Photo: Corey Frank

The best pizza on Earth. Photo: Corey Frank

Summer vibes. Photo: Corey Frank

The very very best. Photo: Corey Frank

The Brave New World fam. Photo: Corey Frank

Cheers. Photo: Corey Frank

Pat Schmidt. Photo: Matt Clark

Mitch Coleborn lays into one in New York. Photo: Mike Nelson

Deep South hangs with the Veeco crew. Photo: Richie Olivares

The Parrot Surf & Skate in South Carolina. Photo: Richie Olivares

Noa Deane and Andrew Doheny collaborated with their two bands Blistar and Power Lunch. Photo: Richie Olivares

Dane Jeffreys gets his shred on. Photo: Richie Olivares

Getting their skate on with Jonathan Mincher. Photo: Richie Olivares

Noa Deane and Andrew Doheny embrace the East Coast’s eccentricities. Photo: Richie Olivares

Roadside lunch. Photo: Richie Olivares

Sunset at Outer Banks Boarding Co. Photo: Richie Olivares

Over the hip… Photo: Richie Olivares

…And over the doorway. Photo: Richie Olivares

An unholy racket with Noa and Droid. Photo: Richie Olivares

Get ahead of the plan too. Photo: Richie Olivares

Darkness in the middle of the day. Photo: Richie Olivares

Mauro, Droid, and Noa look up. Photo: Richie Olivares

The biggest drop. Photo: Richie Olivares

Tight quarters. Photo: Richie Olivares

Photo: Richie Olivares

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Photo: Richie Olivares

Nighttime thrash. Photo: Richie Olivares

Until next summer… the Volcom East Coast Thrash Tour was a resounding success. Photo: Richie Olivares

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