We don’t have a flippin’ clue as to what the hell in is in the waters that surrounds Jacksonville Beach – from the St. Johns river to the north, the Intracoastal Waterway at their back and the wide open Atlantic to the east – but, whatever it is they are drinking ( and surfing in ), the Sunrise Surf Shop team is now the 5 time Oakley Surf Shop Challenge champs so please make ours a double. And, while they are at it, they should distill it and send barrels of it over to perennial home town losers, the Jacksonville Jaguars, so they can start doing keg stands in the locker room and hopefully Sunrise’s winning ways will rub off on them as well. Congrats to the SSS team on winning one for the thumb with this unprecedented victory and keep on drinking whatever it is! – Mez –

One for the thumb! Sunrise Surf Shop surf team victorious again. ( left to right ) Cody, Tristan and Evan Thompson with Garrett Carmichael holding the trophy. Photo: Oakley