NY Women’s Surf Film Festival to be Held July 28-29 at Rockaway Beach Surf Club

July 18, 2017 • News

New York, NY – July 17, 2017 – Rockaway Beach Surf Club is pleased to announce the 5th Annual NY Women’s Surf Film Festival, a free two-night outdoor event in Rockaway Beach, New York. This festival brings together the global surf community for a special event focused on women in surfing and filmmaking. This year’s film festival unveils featured shorts and mid-length films that take an in-depth look at the courage, independence, challenges, skill and environmental conservation efforts of these women surfers.

new york women's surf film fest

Lava Girl Surf was the first of its kind in offering a New York women’s surf workshop. To complement the workshop and celebrate women in surfing, filmmaking, and grassroots environmentalism, Lava Girl Surf launched the NY Women’s Surf Film Festival in 2012. For the second year in a row, the festival will be presented in conjunction with LUNA, a nutritional bar for women.

Lava Girl Surf’s co-founder Davina Grincevicius, a surfer and director herself, is curator of the event. “This year’s festival goes way beyond the bikini-clad beach girls that signify women surfers these days. These films bring a big dose of honesty and reality to the sport. We are so excited to see the sport of surfing gain more female participants and with it, passionate artists who are willing to share their journeys with us,” said Grincevicius. “We’re also excited to have LUNA as a primary presenting sponsor again this year, showing their continued support for the female surf community.”

Several diverse styles of storytelling will be featured in this year’s much anticipated festival, from established and emerging directors, producers and filmmakers from the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Tahiti, and the Maldives. Selections will highlight the inspiring lives of women surfers, their unique journeys and passions, and their connections to the ocean. Coinciding as it does with the growing recognition of surfing as a New York City pastime, the continued expansion of the Rockaway surf community, and the recent accomplishments of female big wave surfers in particular, this festival marks a pivotal moment in the history of women’s surfing.

“LUNA is honored to be part of this year’s New York Women’s Surf Film Festival, which exemplifies our mission to support women in their drive for sport and adventure,” said Will Yandell, Regional Marketing Manager at LUNA. “Davina and the film festival team have broken countless barriers to develop this festival and make it a success. We’re very excited to see it grow and expand this year to include the Hamptons surf community.”

As the festival continues to grow, a second screening location will be added to meet the ever-increasing demand for independent and authentic filmmaking in women’s surf. The festival will also be hosted on August 12th at The Montauk Beach House in Montauk, NY.  Along with great venues, food and drink sponsors, a few highlights from this year’s festival include:

● seaBEING, a traveling photography show by acclaimed surf photographer, Sarah Lee. The Hawaiian native will be onsite during the festival and developed the seaBEING exhibit as a reflection of her visual journey under the sea, uncovering the experience of “water women” and their connection to the ocean.

● Filmmakers Apolla Echino from Canada, and Georgia Matts from Australia will be onsite to share the vision for their films and the challenges they faced during filming.

● Professional and featured surfers Skye Burgess and Sarah Brown will be onsite to discuss their rise to pro-surfer status and tips for emerging surfers.

A snapshot of a few groundbreaking films in the festival this year:

Blue Road by Alena Ehrenbold, showcases how the pull of the ocean can impact life choices away from the surf. The film analyzes surfing from a different perspective, asking what role a passion should play in one’s life and offers an authentic vision for women surfers today.

Still photo from “Blue Road”

A Woman’s Guide to Surfing New Zealand by Apolla Echino, captures the thrills and chills faced during wintertime surf sessions in New Zealand, where she’s often the only woman in the lineup.

Still photo from “A Woman’s Guide to Surfing New Zealand”

Alison’s Adventures Maldives by Alison Teal, explores how to transform plastic waste, now seriously threatening the beauty of the Maldives, into something functional using comedy and inspiration.

Still photo from “Alison’s Adventures Maldives”

Smile and Wave by Georgia Matts, a debut feature delves into the hardships and challenges two best friends face while surfing and exploring the New South Wales coastline for over two and a half years.

Still photo from “Smile and Wave”

Event details:

● Friday, July 28, 2017

○ 7 – 9 pm: Opening reception for Sarah Lee’s Photography exhibit seaBEING

○ 7 – 8:30 pm: Meet and greet with guest filmmakers and surfers

○ 8:30 pm: Opening presentation by film festival founder

○ 9:00-10:15 pm

Film screenings

A Woman’s Guide to Surfing New Zealand by Apolla Echino

Alison’s Adventures Maldives by Alison Teal & Mark Tipple

Moods by Fran Miller

Still photo from “Moods”

Lumiere by Tay Steele

Still photo from “Lumiere”

● Saturday, July 29, 2017

○ 7-8 pm: Doors open and meet and greet with guest filmmakers and surfers

○ 8-8:30 pm: Opening presentation by film festival founder

○ 8:30-9:30 pm: Film screenings

Cold Lines by Claudia Lederer

Still photo from “Cold Lines”

Longboarding Icon Belinda Baggs Might be the Perfect Surf Mom by The Inertia

Still photo from “Longboarding Icon Belinda Baggs Might be the Perfect Surf Mom”

Sea Lone by Luca Merli

Still photo from “Sea Lone”

Pear Shaped by Lauren Hill

Still photo from “Pear Shaped”

The Legend of Iron Sea Horse by Casey Acaster, Evan Adamson, and Alex Haro

Still photo from “The Legend of Iron Sea Horse”

Sliding into the Light by Crystal Thornburg-Homcy and Simon Beins

Promo poster from “Sliding into the Light”

Smile and Wave by Georgia Matts

○ 9:30 pm: Intermission and draw raffle

○ 10:00 – 10:45 pm: Blue Road by Alena Ehrenbold

● Sunday, July 30, 2017

○ 7:30am – 11am: Morning surf session at Rockaway Beach (Beach 90th Surf Break) with Lava Girl Surf, filmmakers and notable surfers

There will be a raffle for attendees, benefiting the Changing Tides Foundation, whose mission is to bridge the gap between travelers and the primary causes on the ground. Raffle items will include beach-friendly items such as a surfboards, swimwear and sunscreen from global and local surf brands including: Natures Shapes Surfboards, Seea, Manda, Mamazoo, Novel, Kopari, Tuulikki NYC, Goldie’s Beauty, De La Mer 1981, Off Season, Boarder’s Surf Shop, St James, and Zingara Vintage.

Sponsors for this year’s festival include:

● Liquor sponsored by Don Julio Tequila and Bulleit Bourbon, the ideal drink to enjoy over the rocks or in a cocktail after a long day in the water or on the beach. The Don Julio vintage pickup truck will be onsite offering great photo opportunities.

● Media support by Whalebone, The inertia, Eastern Surf Magazine, Surf Collective NYC, Joyce Magazine, Pacific Longboarder Magazine, Curl Women’s Surf Magazine, Smash Surf, Lush Palm, Boardporn and NY Surf Chicas. Each publication graciously spread the word and continues to support our surf and filmmaker community throughout the year.

● Venue by Rockaway Beach Surf Club, a cultural event space, restaurant and bar devoted to promoting the love of surfing, and conserving the environment.

● Food and drink by Boxed Water is Better, Tacoway Beach, and Concave Coffee – on-hand to keep festival goers well hydrated, feed and caffeinated while focused on serving all items in environmentally friendly packaging.

Event location details:


The Rockaway Beach Surf Club (302 Beach 87th Street) is on the A train/ shuttle to Beach 90th Street; bus service includes the Q22 and Q52. Parking is limited to on street (www.rockawaybeachsurfclub.com).

For more information on the films and the NY Women’s Surf Film Festival visit www.womenssurffilmfestival.com.

About Lava Girl Surf

Lava Girl Surf was founded in 2012 with the first New York Women’s Surf Workshop. It began with off-water workshops, along with engaging social events encouraging women to explore the fundamental elements of the sport. Lava Girl Surf has evolved to celebrate the art of filmmaking and those stories both told and untold from women around the world actively engaged in surfing, in their individual connection to the ocean, and the love of their community and those communities they discover along the way. Through surfing, education, storytelling and art, Lava Girl Surf creates community and continues to inspire.

About LUNA

LUNA, The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women®, is the first nutrition bar that provides the nutrients women often lack, like folic acid, calcium, iron, vitamin D and other vitamins and minerals, which are essential to a woman’s everyday needs. LUNA bar is gluten-free, made with 70 percent organic ingredients, contributes to women’s nutrition and tastes amazing without any unnecessary additives. LUNA bar is the perfect source of energy before or after you get in the water.

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