Carly Long, Magi Kernan, Quincy Davis Raise Awareness for Covenant House

March 22, 2017 • News

Written by Carly Long — Four letters. G-I-V-E. Four people. An artist, a photographer, a professional surfer, and you. With one mission to help our country’s youth, it all ties together. Give hope, give love, give a chance. Covenant House, the largest privately funded charity in America, is the central driving force that provides care to homeless, abandoned, abused, trafficked, and exploited youth so that they may write a new story. Four lives have intersected with one fundraiser to offer Covenant House support in this effort.

One. Artist Carly Long’s story began inside her mind — the unconventional space filled with questions of existence that relate to us all. Who are we? What were we put here to do? Are we doing the best that we can? And so on. Accepting the fact that she may never discover the answers to these questions, Carly began searching for a meaningful escape, one that combined pleasure, purpose, and connection. That’s what sparked her paintings. With this new means of connection to herself and others, she discovered the most important answer of them all. She was not alone in her appraisal of life. We all face uncertainty, yet we are all here for a purpose that in one way or another, affects those around us. Carly is aiming is to give hope by donating 100% of the proceeds from her paintings, which are based on surf photos and portraits of pro surfers, to Covenant House.

Artist Carly Long

Carly’s painting of Alessa Quizon, based on a shot by Brent Bielmann

Carly’s painting of Sofia Sundin, based on a shot by Johan Gederberg

Two. Photographer Magdalena “Magi” Kernan has a story that started with a new lens to view the world around her. Magi’s vision is all about love and connection. When she shoots, she searches to capture something that gives off feeling — something that tells a story. Her passion is driven by this desire to encapsulate and share the moments that can change your life. Already familiar with roaming the streets of her town, camera in hand, Magi saw an opportunity to share a voice that is always seen, but hardly ever heard. By photographing homeless individuals, Magi was able to raise awareness and support for services such as Covenant House, that work to fight homelessness. She urges you to stop, listen to their story, and find the connection between us all. Magi is selling prints of her photos and sleeping outside on March 24th to give love for Covenant House and all the stories that they tell.

Photographer Magi Kernan

Three. Professional surfer Quincy Davis was brought up with a close family, a connection to the sea, and a board in her hands. Hailing from Montauk, NY, Quincy grew up surrounded by surf. Competing against the boys, entering countless events, whatever she could do to break a sweat. At just 12 years old, Quincy was given the chance she had been fighting for. Volcom, a lifestyle brand that she’s still with today, became her sponsor. This opened many more doors, allowing Quincy to dive in to a new world of creativity and fashion. Years later, Quincy mentors young girls during the summer — living proof that youth can accomplish incredible things, if only they are given hope, love and a chance. Quincy is spreading the word about Covenant House and uplifting the cause with her ability to inspire others to write their own story.

Pro surfer Quincy Davis. Photo: Darren Muschett

Four. That’s you. You each have a story to tell. You each have something to give. It’s up to you to decide what that will be and if you will intersect with us to G-I-V-E.

Carly Long’s painting of a Trinidad boy, based on a photo by Aaron Huey

Carly Long’s painting based on a photo by Elly West

Carly Long’s painting of a Costa Rican local, based on a photo by Conor Monaghan

covenant house

Carly Long’s painting of Charli Howard, based on a photo by Heather Hazzan

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