2017 January Surf Expo Gathers the Waveriding Tribe in Orlando, FL

February 11, 2017 • News

The January Surf Expo came and went last month, with thousands of surf industry titans gathering at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, for a three-day pow-wow of epic proportions. Surfboard construction was celebrated with the Shape-Off 2017, the ESA celebrated its 50th anniversary and announced the 2017 ESA All-Star Team, East Coasters got to properly celebrate the end of Surfing Magazine’s crew’s last hurrah, iconic 53-year run with a premiere of the E. Geiselman (There Are Two), and millions of dollars in future sales were brokered between hard- and softgoods companies and East Coast surf shops, still the beating heart of our industry. At its core, the Surf Expo is about business first, but camaraderie comes in a close second, as the following photos illustrate. Enjoy and we’ll see you in September!

2017 surf expo

Another busy day at the 2017 Surf Expo. Photo: Dugan

R&D Surf celebrated 25 years of East Coast boardbuilding at this year’s Surf Expo. Photo: Dugan

The R&D booth. Photo: Dugan

Maryland’s Ahlee Dawson giving one heck of an Indo Board demonstration. Photo: Dugan

ESA co-founder David Reese and legendary Central Florida surfer/shapper/glasser Freddie Grosskreutz. Photo: Mez

Chris Culpen and friend of Black Sails Glassing. Photo: Dugan

Sun Bum’s Brock Taylor of Central Florida with New Jersey rep Gary Clayton. Photo: Dugan

Beebs & Her Money Makers performing at the Kala Brand Music Company booth. Photo: Dugan

Adam “AJW” Warden, Greg and Evan Geiselman, and Reef’s Shea Perkins. Photo: Dugan

Andrew Campbell from the Getaboard Foundation (center) flanked by the Polaris crew. Photo: Dugan

Pam Hill and Michele Sommers of the ESA, which kicked off its 50th anniversary celebration at the Expo. Photo: Dugan

Cory Lopez introduced the 2017 ESA All-Star Team. Photo: Dugan

Cory silhouetted in front of some classic ESA memorabilia. Photo: Dugan

The 2017 ESA All-Star Team. Photo: Dugan

Glenn Brumage, Peter “PT” Townend, and Donald Cresitello enjoy the premiere of the ESA’s “50 Years Strong” documentary. Photo: Dugan

ESA co-founders Cecil Lear and David Reese received a standing ovation for their efforts. Photo: Dugan

Cecil Lear, Peter “PT” Townend, Mary Lear, and Glenn Brumage. Photo: Mez

CJ Hobgood and LG Shaw with WRV’s commemorative T-shirt for longtime ESA supporter Mickey McCarthy. Photo: Dugan

CJ Hobgood, LG Shaw, Cory Lopez, and Cecil Lear. Photo: Dugan

Greg Levy and Tom Hogan from Warm Winds Surf Shop in Rhode Island. Photo: Dugan

The WRV crew runs deep: LG Shaw with shapers Jordan Brazie, Bob Yinger, Josh Peterson, and Jessie Fernandez. Photo: Dugan

WRV celebrated 50 years of iconic East Coast stats at this year’s Surf Expo. Photo: Dugan

Jesse Fernandez lands a kiss on fellow legendary shaper Jim Philips. Photo: Mez

Cocoa Beach’s Madeline Zeuli and Todd Holland. Photo: Dugan

The Shape-Off is always a highlight of the January Surf Expo. Photo: Dugan

Central Florida shaper Sam Barker mowing foam inside the Shape-Off 2017 booth. Photo: Dugan

North Florida’s Tony Iannarone of Clean Ocean Surfboards with his daughter. Photo: Dugan

Marco Zouvi, owner and shaper of Sharp Eye Surfboards, with Todd Kline. Photo: Dugan

East Coast legends Richard Munson and Freddie Grosskreutz. Photo: Dugan


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