Enviro Video: There’s No ( Climate ) Denying, This S#%t Is Real!

June 10, 2019 • News, Videos

Yeah, it’s happening in mostly in parts of south central Florida and maybe not your town but take warning, it’s coming for all of us if we don’t wake up and shake up the powers that be at every waking opportunity!

The problems associated with blue-green algae blooms, or Cyanobacteria, received massive media attention during the summer of 2016. Florida’s governor declared a state of emergency and beaches in several East Coast counties were closed over the July 4th holiday weekend. This earned
the affected stretch of coast the dubious nickname of ‘Guacamole Coast.’ While much of the state has experienced a temporary reprieve from the impacts of red tides and bluegreen algae blooms this winter, both are likely to return as temperatures rise this spring.

Watch this video and think what if it was your town, your lagoon, your part of the ocean where you play and ride waves then act accordingly.

Florida’s Toxic Algae Crisis from Surfrider Foundation on Vimeo.