The Beachside Resident Company and Salty Sweet Boutique Launch Collaborative Partnership

January 21, 2017 • News

On January 17th, The Beachside Resident and Salty Sweet Boutique announced their move into the Mai Tiki Market in the newly renovated Minutemen Causeway Streetscape in Cocoa Beach, FL. The two companies share space and a mission: to be a positive influence within the community and throughout the Space Coast. The Beachside Resident Company Media Studio houses the Beachside Resident Magazine and will also utilize the space for media events and merchandise.

the beachside resident and salty sweet boutique

Craig Harriman of The Beachside Resident and Crystal Cooper of Salty Sweet Boutique

Craig Harriman, the publisher of the Beachside Resident Magazine and the owner of Mai Tiki Market, explains, “After a year of our block of Minutemen Causeway being under construction, we finally get to launch our vision. Our new office is located in the Community Redevelopment Area of Cocoa Beach to serve as an incubator for new business.”

The brands will occupy 259 Minuteman Causeway. Crystal Cooper, the owner of Salty Sweet Boutique, adds, “The companies represent the same lifestyle from different angles. We offer platforms working in tandem to help the community, provide a downtown meeting place, and support local events together.”

the beachside resident and salty sweet boutique

Salty Sweet Boutique celebrates its first brick and mortar store

Salty Sweet Boutique also celebrates its first brick and mortar store. The retail location will sell clothing, accessories, and Salty Sweet Skateboards. The handmade, longboard cruisers include upgraded accessories to mimic the feel of surfing. The new skateboards will be available January 21. A percentage of the sales help fund the annual Salty Sweet Women’s Pro/Am.

Crystal Cooper adds, “I like the Gandhi quote, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ We’re trying to enrich our downtown. We’d like to be part of the positive change in Cocoa Beach.”

About Salty Sweet Boutique
Salty Sweet Boutique sells clothing and accessories for women and girls who love the ocean. You can also find Salty Sweet products online at

About The Beachside Resident Company
TBRC serves as a media hub for everything beachside since 2005. The Beachside Resident Magazine shares the stories and events of the people and businesses throughout the Space Coast. The magazine serves as a voice for residents and a guide to visitors throughout the beaches and beyond. TBRC specializes in advertising, content marketing, digital, social media and event promotions. Contact The Beachside Resident at 321-323-1231 or

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