Tuesday Tunesday- 2 Free Cut’s From John Prine’s Masterpiece “Tree Of Forgiveness”

April 17, 2018 • Music

( Please allow a few short seconds for free songs previews to fully download then settle back easy and enjoy. track listing and bonus “when I get To Heaven video follow review  )

If John Prine’s “The Tree Of Forgiveness” wasn’t actually made in a living room, it could have been. 

Economical and spare but detail rich in it’s ambient sound, Prine’s first release of original songs in 13 years at age 70 is nothing short of a masterpiece among his nearly 50 years of creating lyrical Americana Music masterpieces.

Jason Isbell and John Prine performing at the Ryman Auditorium, October 2017. File Photo

Know as one of the best lyricist’s and singer-songwriters our country has ever produced, and whom Bonnie Raitt compares to Mark Twain, Prine is now the one who influences and mentors the people who make the hits like Jason Isbell, formerly of Drive-By Truckers who guest spots on guitar as well as Black Keys Dan Auerbach with whom he co-wrote the best tune of the 10 tracks, Caravan Of Fool’s.


And, just recently, PEN New England named Mr. Prine as a recipient of a Song Lyrics of Literary Excellence Award, an honor previously shared by the likes of Leonard Cohen and Randy Newman.

Track o1: Knockin’ On Your Screen Door / 2:20

Track o5: Caravan Of  Fools / 2:28

The Tree Of Forgiveness does not contain a controversial line like “Jesus Christ died for nothin’, I suppose.” It contains lines about porches and washing machines and shadows on ceilings. But in their own quiet, ramshackle ways, they’re about being alive and what it means to be alive. There’s a hard-won wisdom to all these songs, a wisdom that can only come with age, where pork chops can be one of the most important things in the world, where joy and divinity can be found in the everyday, on a porch, looking at clouds. It takes age to realize that truth, the thing we fight so hard to find, can be mundane.


Prine may be reflecting on the past and the future an awful lot, but this is not one of those albums where an old man ponders death. It can’t be, because Prine has always done that, and he doesn’t do it any more or less than usual. It’s just a new album by John Prine, a humble but respectable one. If there hadn’t been a 13 year absence of new John Prine songs, you couldn’t even call it a return to form, because his form has never left him.

Track Listing :

1. “Knockin’ on Your Screen Door” (Prine, McLaughlin)

2. “I Have Met My Love Today” featuring Brandi Carlile (Prine, Cook)

3. “Egg & Daughter Nite, Lincoln Nebraska, 1967 (Crazy Bone)” (Prine, McLaughlin)

4. “Summer’s End” (Prine, McLaughlin)

5. “Caravan of Fools” (Prine, Auerbach, McLaughlin)

6. “The Lonesome Friends of Science” (Prine)

7. “No Ordinary Blue” (Prine, Sykes)

8. “Boundless Love” (Prine, Auerbach, McLaughlin)

9. “God Only Knows” (Prine, Spector)

10. “When I Get to Heaven” (Prine)