Listen Now! 3 Free Listening Tracks From Trash Boat’s Crown Shyness Here!

July 24, 2018 • Music

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In a time where a large majority of pop-punk bands gradually water-down their sound to become a sub-standard, light version of what they used to be, it’s refreshing when a band decides to go in the other direction.

On their sophomore record, Crown Shyness”, this is exactly what Trash Boat do, and deliver one of the best pop-punk records of 2018.

Any old port in a  storm. Trash Boat steaming along on the Vans Tour.

If you’re coming into this record expecting bouncy, feel-good tunes about eating pizza and hating your home town, then you’re sorely mistaken. Right from the get-go with heated opener “Inside Out, the St. Albans five-piece smash expectations to produce a masterpiece with this track dishing up a fantastic start to the record.

Track 01: Inside Out:

If you heard the singles “Shade” and “Old Soul” which dropped prior to the release, you’d already know that the heavier vibes were always going to be a key factor in the band’s progression on this album.

The intensity of the whole LP is far greater than the band’s 2016 debut ‘Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve been through’, and there’s a clear focus on heavier, bruising riffs and lung-bursting vocals, showcasing a band who know the music that they want to make.

Speaking of vocals, frontman Tobi Duncan pushes his voice to an all new level on the record, with tracks like ”Nothing New” and ”Silence” showing off his new found power to deliver angrier, more defined growls as he almost screams his way through the entire album.

Track 03: Nothing New / 3:00

The emotional title-track takes a vivid picture of Duncans struggle to connect with those around him, much like the canopies don’t join up with other treetops on the album’s cover artwork. The track offers up the closest thing to a ballad that this band will ever come close to making, as gentle acoustic melodies and a selection of strings hark beneath Duncans passionate vocals. It’s these brutally honest and frank depictions of mental health and struggles on tracks like this, “Controlled Burn” and dramatic closer “Love, Hate React, Relate” which elevate these great songs into a more personal light.

Track 05: Controlled Burn / 3:52

Trash Boat sprung out of nowhere to become one of the leading, forward-thinking bands around the pop-punk scene, and ”Crown Shyness” s the quintet’s claim to the throne. If you’re still sleeping on this band, now is the time to wake up.

Track List:

1. Inside Out

2. Shade

3. Nothing New

4. Old Soul

5. Controlled Burn

6. Don’t Open Your Eyes

7. Crown Shyness

8. Silence

9. Undermine

10. Love, Hate, React, Relate