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September 4, 2018 • Music, New Release!

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Crucially for this live album recorded in Paris, everything is clean and balanced sonically in “A Paranormal Evening At The Olympus”,  Alice Cooper’s latest release not to be confused with the album “Paranormal” of all Alice studio originals put out in the summer of 2017 which is an excellent recording in it’s own right.

This School of Rock is definitely not out- long live the Alice Cooper band!

On this double CD live compedium you’ve got a band drilled to perfection and the triple guitar attack of Ryan Roxie, Tommy Henriksen and Nita Strauss work together perfectly as they all weave around each other never stepping onto one another’s riffs. With distinct tones and characteristics in a super clean mix, you can tell instantly who is whom and at no point does three become a crowd. There’s also a blistering solo from platinum maned Nita Strauss at the end of “Woman of Mass Distraction” to herald one of Alice’s (and rock’s) best known hits – “Poison”. Meanwhile, Alice is in fine voice with his snarls and howls with no vapid chatter to get a pop out of the crowd between songs. Just pure Alice and his tour de force of a hardened old school rock band pounding it out groove after groove.

Track 09: Poison / 4:49

Track 02: No More Mr. Nice Guy / 3:10

Most of the classic Alice songs are included such as “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “I’m 18”, “Feed My Frankenstein”, “Cold Ethyl”, Schools Out” and “Only Women Bleed” as well as one solitary Paranormal song in the shape of “Paranoic Personality”. While there were a lot of great songs on last year’s album, to lean on it too heavily and disregard even more of the usual suspects would have been a disservice. But the single did fit with the visual story Alice was telling with the latter part of the set as his paranoia drives him insane (“The Ballad of Dwight Fry”) before being sentenced to death (“Killer” / “I Love the Dead”) and the 10 plus minute work-out of “Halo Of Flies”, this concert recordings penultimate moment.

School maybe out forever for many of us and we’re not 18 anymore but we sure as hell still like it when one of rock’s straight up royalty outfit’s cranks out masterpieces like this.  – Mez –

Track Listing:

CD 1

  • 1. Brutal Planet
  • 2. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  • 3. Under My Wheels
  • 4. Department of Youth
  • 5. Pain
  • 6. Billion Dollar Babies
  • 7. The World Needs Guts
  • 8. Woman of Mass Distraction
  • 9. Poison
  • 10. Halo of Flies

CD 2

1. Feed My Frankenstein
2. Cold Ethyl
3. Only Women Bleed
4. Paranoiac Personality
5. Ballad of Dwight Fry
6. Killer/I Love the Dead themes
7. I’m Eighteen
8. School’s Out