Listen Free Now! Logic Goes Shopping For First Big Hit With “Supermarket”

April 1, 2019 • Music

Fans of Bobby Hall, more commonly known as the rapper Logic, were ready for the release of his debut book, Supermarket, on Tuesday — but they certainly weren’t ready for the genre-defying album that accompanied it.

Supermarket tells the story of a boy named Flynn who gets a job at a local supermarket after being dumped and moving in with his mom. One day, he arrives to work, witnesses a crime scene, watches his world unravel and sees ingenuity eventually manifest itself.

Free Listening Track 09: Lemon Drop / 2:14

Free listening Track 02: Can I kick It / 3:22

As  iTunes describes it, “The Maryland rapper joins Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Colin Meloy, Louise Wener, and Gil Scott-Heron in a unique fraternity of musicians who’ve released novels. To accompany the arrival of his debut page-turner Supermarket, Logic dropped a soundtrack to go with it. His usual rap repertoire takes a back seat in favor of an alt-rock guitar/piano/drums framework (“Lemon Drop,” “By the Bridge”). His emotive delivery fits this new style well, especially on “I Love You Forever” and “Pretty Young Girl.” Logic being Logic, however, “Baby” and “Can I Kick It” interpolate hits by Biz Markie and A Tribe Called Quest, respectively. His appreciation of Mac DeMarco extends beyond tattoos—yes, Logic has DeMarco’s Salad Days album title inked on his arm—as they collaborate on “I’m Probably Gonna Rock Your World” and “Vacation from Myself,” which are dreamy and feverish”.

While copping some less than positive early reviews  – take the word music critics ( and the twitter-verse ) at your own peril – remember, premier music magazines like Rolling Stone, Creem and other print media paragons panned Hendix’s “Are You Experienced” ( really! ), Led Zep’s eponymous debut LP ( really again! ) and even Nirvana’s “Never Mind”. We say to ignore Supermarket ( Soundtrack ) at your own risk of losing out on hearing a unique, fine batch of tunes and let your own ears decide by checking out these two free listening tracks below. – Mez –

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