Listen Free Now! Evergreen Kills With “After The Burial”

April 24, 2019 • Music

( please allow a few short seconds for your two free listening tracks below to fully download …)

When Extreme Metal meets Progressive Metal and hots thing up with outrageous blow-torch riffs, break your neck breakdowns and some very impressive Tech Metal we get After The Burial dropped on us like several tons of bricks from a 100 story skyscraper.

This noted  Twin Cities based five piece have delivered 40 minutes of head banging, hair twirling rage to the world with the release of the explosive Evergreen. And its gonna to cause some major tidal waves waves in the metal pool and between your ears with a chance maybe a little hearing loss if you dare slip on the headphones which we did of course for our first listening- ouchie!

Murder Incorporated. Evergreen has come to kill you dead and they succeed with After The Burial.

The pace and bluntness of After The Burial does not slow or come full stop for a second, not even close, as the laser beam precise drumming hammers it’s way into the frontal lobe proving that the beat maker is not there just to keep basic time as the guitars both soar, scythe and scar their way through the quintets industrial noise with the bass being as an integral part of the brash but  intricate compositions as any of the other instruments.

Track 01: Behold The Crown /  4:34

Track 04: In Flux / 6:05

Written to raise the bar still higher in the realm of extreme metal, it is a sonic journey that is equal parts spellbinding and utterly battering. It begins with the massive recurring riff of the opener, “Behold The Crown” that is a striking mix of pitch harmonics and jagged guitar work wrapped in a tsunami of sound that does nothing but gather pace, force and growing intensity as it washes over and through you. 

‘In Flux’ is the longest track on the album at 6:05 and begins rather pleasantly allowing for a short breather, maybe a sip of water or beer, before the low-down assault begins again, and aural dismemberment continues saps whatever you have left. Bear in mind this only track 4 and it don’t get any mellower til the track 9 closer “A Pulse Exchanged” when the musics unrelenting upheavals of sound simply… just … stops and silence ensues. It’s kinda like after a non-stop, 12 hour jet plane flight when you finally get off the aircraft all disoriented and everything is still moving with your ears ringing hours later. Except louder, WAY louder.

Evergreen is full of opportunities to get your air guitar out, arms and strap fully extended, with your legs in wide rock star stance stance to head bang the fuck out as the riffs are next level and the hooks are as chunk as they get and will leave you asking the question, Metalli-who ?! – Mez –