Listen Free Now! Colt Ford Get’s Down And Dirty With “Mud In The Club Vol. 2 ( Remixes )”

April 9, 2019 • Music, New Release!

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The wildly popular dance club compilation series is back with “Mud in The Club Vol. 2” delivering a 12-pack exclusive remix collection of all the boot-stomping hits and party anthems fans love as curated by one Jason Farris aka Colt Ford who’s Wikipedea bona fides list out as singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, professional golfer and “country music rapper” from the red clay dirt state of Georgia so the man knows something about mudding, country music, and, apparently, rap.

Colt Ford is a chicken with biscuits kinda guy and likes a heavy dose of rap with his country.

Track 11: Country Girl Twerk / 4:50

Track 12: This Is Our Song /  3:50

There’s always a debate going on about country. What country’s supposed to be or not supposed to be, whether it’s called traditional country or new country or rock and pop slipping south to impersonate country, as if there was an exact place and time (and sound) when the country sound our parents ( or your grandparents ) listened to was, well, the most country. Meanwhile, underneath all this current debate, artists like Ford have been out there going to mud-bogging parties and realizing that just plain folks, country or otherwise, are listening to a lot of different kinds of music including traditional country, new country, metal anthems, pop rock, urban rap and any and all of it is blasting out of one of those mini-monster trucks as it leaps and swerves through the mud or tearing up a backwoods road blowing dust a half mile high. It’s a brave new “country music” weekend party world out there and no one cares about the appropriateness of the music that’s playing; no one is saying, hey, you can’t like country and still like rap, or vice versa. 

Ford gets this, and his own brand of country rap is hardly concerned with genre preservation so much as he’s trying to document what really goes on out there and what passes for the country in the 21st century. You might hear George Jones – but you’re just as likely, if not more likely, to hear 2Pac and it is a really intoxicating musical brew of sounds.

Mud In The Club Vol. 2 is beats-driven, re-mix collection represents a who’s who in country rap – The Moonshine Bandits, Lenny Cooper, Charlie Farley,Cypress Spring and Tommy Chanyne to name a few – was no doubt released in time to kick off spring break 2019 to provide a country rap, beer soaked soundtrack to throngs of college kids flocking to the warm beaches of the south. It should also be a huge hit for a full tilt partying summer at citified urban dance clubs with million dollar sound and lighting systems as well as at backroad, country corn field party throwdown’s blasted from Alpine decks and speakers illuminated by KC spotlights on lifted Ford F-100’s.

With track re-mixes like “Country Girl Twerk” by Cypress Spring featuring Upchurch and Lenny Cooper and “This Is Our Song” by Danny Boone featuring Cypress Spring ,Tommy Chayne and T-Woods Mud In The Club is a down and dirty batch of pumping, deep bottomed sounding rap country tunes to take to the city streets, a sandy beach or 4 wheeling through the mud pits turned it up loud and do some country rap shit-kicking! – Mez –


  1. The High Life (Remix) – Colt Ford feat. Chase Rice
  2. Backwoods Boys (Remix) – Charlie Farley feat. Daniel Lee
  3. Backyard Lullaby (Remix) – Demun Jones feat. Noah Gordon & Cap Bailey
  4. Duramax (Remix) – Lenny Cooper feat. Katie Noel & Tommy Chayne
  5. Take This Job And Shove It (Remix) – David Allen Coe feat. Moonshine Bandits
  6. Denim (Remix) – Cypress Spring feat. DJ KO
  7. Little Miss Crazyhot (Remix) – LoCash feat. Nappy Roots
  8. I’m Down (Remix) JB & The Moonshine Band
  9. Wylin’ (Remix) – The Lacs feat. SMO, Charlie Farley, & Bubba Sparxxx
  10. Mud In The Club – DJ Cannon Banyon, Franklin Embry, 3&20 (Adrian), and Young Gunner
  11. Country Girl Twerk (Remix) Cypress Spring feat. Upchurch & Lenny Cooper
  12. This is Our Song (Remix) – Danny Boone, Cypress Spring, Tommy Chayne, & T-Woods