Listen Free Now! Bring Soap and Bleach, The Crue releases “The Dirt” Soundtrack!

April 17, 2019 • Music, New Release!

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Girls, girls, girls.” Mötley Crüe sings about them, sleeps with them, vomits on them, punches them in the face and seemingly expects oral sex from anyone in a skirt in Netflix’s astoundingly lurid biopic “The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band”. And it is safe to say it will probably not please many of those in the Me Too movement but it did happen and it was all consensual according to the band and many people around them.

Let’s just say it, the coke fueled late 70s and 80s in glam rock circles like these was a Sodom and Gomorrah Bacchanal of the most epic proportions well illustrated in the made for the not faint of heart TV movie that chronicles the bands waaaaay over the top rock ‘n roll lifestyle choices.

But we are not here to review an at times lurid, shocking, no-holds barred look at the goings on backstage, in Sunset Strip bar’s, band members hotel rooms or in the backs of their tinted out limos which is must see TV if you can truly handle some raw shit that pulls no punches of just how debauched this band was at their high ( or low some would say ) point.

The name certainly fits. The old Motley Crue …

We are here instead to offer up a review of the accompanying soundtrack which is comprised of 18 songs; 14 Crüe classics and four brand new tracks. Given that “Live Wire”, “Shout At The Devil”, “Girls, Girls, Girls”, “Kickstart My Heart” etc. are already available on the original albums, reissues, greatest hits collections, and box sets – despite being great songs – these cuts are not the selling points. The attraction here is the four previously unreleased tunes despite the fact that the classics still kick ass.

Kicking it off in style is “The Dirt (Est. 1981)”. This is a great, catchy song similar to “Mutherfucker Of The Year”. Machine Gun Kelly, who plays Tommy Lee in the movie, lays down a spoken word diatribe as opposed to an actual rap, and it works beautifully thereby potentially exposing Mötley to an entirely new fan base. “Ride With The Devil” hinges on a bit of lyrical recycling with Vince Neil singing, “We’re just too fast for love”; an obvious tip of the hat to the band’s debut album with some serious, old school Crue band heaviness thundering behind him. 

Track 01: The Dirt ( est 1981 ) / 3:52

Track 17: Crash And Burn / 4:13

“Crash And Burn” possesses a strong modern rock sound and impressive groove but, after that and unfortunately the boyz decided to bang out a cover of Madonnas “Like A Virgin” that fails in epic fashion, kinda like the band itself in different parts of it’s life cycle as shown with such brutal honesty in the Netfflix production – filmed by Jeff Tremaine of Jack-ass fame – so no big news here and, all in all a nice package of new and old tunes that pairs well with their tell all. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty then we say dive right in!

New Crue. All cleaned up and not literally rolling around in the dirt anymore

Tracklist: The Dirt

1. The Dirt (Est. 1981) (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)

2. Red Hot

3. On With The Show

4. Live Wire

5. Merry-Go-Round

6. Take Me To The Top

7. Piece Of Your Action

8. Shout At The Devil

9. Looks That Kill

10. Too Young To Fall In Love 

11. Home Sweet Home

12. Girls, Girls, Girls

13. Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)

14. Kickstart My Heart

15. Dr. Feelgood

16. Ride With The Devil

17. Crash And Burn

18. Like A Virgin