Free Music! ‘Public Practice’ Makes Perfect With Debut LP!

May 15, 2020 • Free Music Tracks, Music, New Release!

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What a fine, fine little debut album by Brooklyn based Public Practice.

‘Gentle Grip’ wears it’s New York City 70’s / 80s influences emblazoned on it’s sleeve for all to see ( and hear ) with a quixotic blend of rock-pop-punk-disco tinged Bowery bands like BlondieTalking Heads, it’s spin-off band, Tom Tom Club, Tom Verlaine’s Television, as well as bits and pieces of The B-52’sThe Slits, Devo, Roxy Music and Gang Of Four.

Track 06: See You When I want To / 3:33


On some tracks in particular like See You When I want ToUnderneath, Compromised, My Head and Disposable you would swear at times it’s Debbie Harry, Tina Weymouth, Kate Pierson or Patti Smith singing leads backed by the best of Bowery bands of those outrageous, barrier breaking sound of the times times .

Track 07: Compromised / 3:13


Public Practice relaxing their grip. File Photo

Their cribbing is unabashed, confident, over flowing with ice cool attitude and and god damned catchy.

Check the video below and get a grip on ‘Gentle Grip’ and dance the night away. We might not be able to drop a proper dance floor move for some time now but, with their debut album, Public Practice are urging us all to push the furniture aside and find relief in the space we’ve got. – Mez –


1. Moon

2. Cities

3. Disposable

4. Each Other

5. Underneath

6. See You When I Want To

7. My Head

8. Compromised

9. Understanding

10. Leave Me Alone

11. How I Like It

12. Hesitation