Problems? The Middle Kids Have New ( Free! ) Music To Solve Them

May 29, 2019 • Music, New Release!

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On the Middle Kids new six song EP release, “New Songs For Old Problems” this Sydney Australia three piece comes off like a band twice its size when you add on the melange of instruments including piano, strings, breezy electronic mixtures and pedal steel among others to their basic drums, base, guitar arrangement.

The mini-album, recorded at the band’s own studio in Sydney and produced by bass player Tim Fitz, follows hot on the heels of what was a massive 2018 for Middle Kids and the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Lost Friends, which won Australian radio station Triple J’s prestigious Album of the Year award.

In singer/guitarist Hannah Joy, the band has a beautifully captivating  vocalist who deftly navigates their music with equal parts panic and poise, thanks to a naturally trembling voice that can harden into tough-love sentiment.

Track 01: Beliefs And Prayers / 3:39

Track 05: Call me Snowflake / 4:06

From the first notes of the indie pop opener “Beliefs and Prayers” vocalist / pianist Joy’s influences come immediately to the fore mixing in equal parts of the dearly departed Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries along with Bellys Tanya Donnelly with a solid twist of Sinead O’connor.

The Kids deal in the sort of radiant, anthemic indie rock that sounds right at home on in-store satellite-radio playlists or in the background of pivotal scenes on prime-time TV dramadies that are definitely worth a free listen here. – Mez –

Track List:

01. Beliefs & Prayers

02. Salt Eyes

03. Needle

04. Real Thing

05. Call Me Snowflake

06. Big Softy