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August 21, 2020 • Free Music Tracks, Music, New Release!

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Singer/songwriter and producer blackbear’s latest album, ‘Everything Means Nothing‘, is now complete following the release of the remaining singles off the album, and with its blend of smooth R&B/hip-hop and pumping dance-pop, it’s the perfect soundtrack to help revive your canceled Summer 2020.


Since first crashing onto the scene in the mid-2010s, blackbear – known to his parents as Matthew Taylor Musto of the Daytona Beach, Florida Musto’s – has continually turned heads and defied all expectation, effortlessly mixing his hedonistic hell-raising and maniac humor with deeply heartfelt emotion. Delivering an outrageously catchy hybrid of pop and hip hop and alt-R&B, the L.A.-based artist has put out five studio albums in the last five years alone, including 2017’s gold-certified digital Druglord and 2019’s magnum opus Anonymous (a No. 36 hit on the Billboard 200).

Track 04: I Feel Bad / 2:55

A hyper-creative producer and massively prolific, he’s also collaborated with the likes of Pharrell Williams and Linkin Park, and brought his top-notch songwriting skills to Justin Bieber’s six-times-platinum single “Boyfriend.” And in his unflinching honesty about his own demons and depression, blackbear creates a powerful sense of solidarity — ultimately moving forward with his longtime mission of “inspiring everyone to be more unapologetic about who they are.”

Track 07: Sobbing In Cabo / 3:07

And unapologetic would be blackbear in black colored spades.

While you may listen to Katy Perry when you want to listen to some lovey-dovey bullshit, you listen to blackbear when you want to hear some eff my ex bullshitshit. On everything means nothing, blackbear blesses pulls out every kind of heartbreak song known to man: I’m talking sappy heartbreak songs, electric heartbreak songs, hip-hop heartbreak songs, and traditional pop heartbreak songs. On each and every song, he gives us with lyrics that aren’t on some cliché ‘I’m over him or her’ pablum; instead, he dishes out lyrics that are petty, trifling, vindictive, and resentful.You know, real deal heartbreak anger, rage and pain with zero gloss over in the word department.

Track 09: Half Alive / 3:15

 blackbear is straight up uber gifted singer, but he’s is an even better writer. His ability to craft intricate melodies is astute. He also knows how to play with the emotions of listeners by toying with certain trigger words like he is a fly on the wall at the Heartbreak Hotel.

Everything is nothing is a great album with a ton of catchy beats, rhythms, rhymes and realness and easily his best effort to date. – Mez –

01 – Hot Girl Bummer
02 – Me & Ur Ghost
03 – Queen Of Broken Hearts
04 – I Feel Bad
05 – I Feel 2 Much
06 – I Felt That
07 – Sobbing In Cabo
08 – Clown (Feat. Trevor Daniel)
09 – Half Alive
10 – If I Were U (Feat. Lauv)
11 – Why Are Girls?
12 – Smile Again