Free Music! The Black Keys Drop “Lets Rock”

July 2, 2019 • Music, New Release!

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Nine studio releases ago The Black Keys, guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Pat Carney, hit the music scene announcing their presence with authority by pelting our ears with scuzzy, lo-fi garage-blues rock tunes cooked up in Carney’s in Akron, Ohio basement. With this new recording it’s abundantly clear from the album’s title — “Let’s Rock” — that that is exactly what they intended to do to our ears all over again and they nail it from first track to last in similar fashion to their 2002 inaugural hit album, “The Big Come Up”.

Track 01: Shine A Little Light / 3:17

There’s nothing particularly complicated here on “Rock” as the duo joyfully goes into no-frills mode putting the focus back on guitar and drums. It’s a back to basics rock ’n’ roll record that sways and glides effortlessly through clever, catchy riffs, solid rhythmic back beats, handclaps, excellent vocal stylings and the kind of distorted electric guitars that would make Norman Greenbaum (“Spirit in the Sky”) proud.

Track 03: Lo-Hi / 2:58

If you’re looking for experiments with song structure or complex eclectic instrumentation, this isn’t the album for you. If you want something you can crank up at backyard barbecues this summer or in the car with the windows down we have just two words for you and they’re in the album title. – Mez –