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February 22, 2019 • Industry, Media Buzz

The 2019 Surf Season is Here!

For this update we are focused on the best surf destination in the world, Indonesia! As a surfer, the word “Indonesia” conjure up images of crystalline blue barrels, all day surf sessions, warm water, and a sense of culture, adventure, and purpose. Any surf trip can deliver great waves but a surf trip to Indonesia almost guarantees great waves and that is what separates itself from a lot of other options. The worst day in Indonesia is still better than 99% of the days at most people’s home breaks and the potential to go to bed one night and wake up the next morning to be greeted by the best waves they’ve ever seen is a daily reality.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Indonesia surf options below, as well as their availability. If you and your friends are looking to put yourself in conditions like the image above March, April, and May is a great time to be in Indonesia!

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Samudra Biru” means “Blue Ocean” and is one of the nicest catamarans operating in the Mentawai Islands. With its hyperlight design and a draft of only 3 feet, this boat, powered by twin 350 hp diesel engines, is one of the fastest surf charter vessels plying these wave-rich waters. She has a top speed of 15 knots, with an average daytime cruising speed of 10-12 knots depending on conditions, and a nighttime cruising speed of 8-10 knots (for safety). Samudra Biru’s catamaran hull design provides stability at sea and eliminates rock and roll at anchor.

2019 Openings 
March 30 – April 10: 10 spaces at $2,850 USD per person
April 13 – 24: 10 spaces at $2,850 USD per person
April 27 – May 8: 10 spaces at $2,850 USD per person

Click the image above and learn more about Samudra Biru.

The Star Koat 2 operates in the Banyak Islands of North Sumatra, but will occasionally sail south to  the Telo and Mentawai Islands on request.

This brand new, spacious boat built in 2018 offers guests the ultimate level in comfort and style on board a surf charter specifically designed to accommodate surfers. The cabin arrangement is designed to fit two guests in individual single beds side by side instead of the typical bunk arrangement . You will also find enough plugs to charge all your devices at the side of your bed and your own cabinet to store your personal items.

The expansive living room can easily host all guests  in great comfort and style and is equipped with a 42″ LCD TV and other gadgets, with a huge lounge sofa to chill out and recover from the sun and perfect surf.

This brand new surf charter option is ideal for groups looking to explore a new region of North Sumatra on the most affordable option available!

2019 Openings
March 15 – 27: 12 spaces at $3,250 USD per person
March 29 – April 10: 2 spaces at $3,250 USD per person

Click the image above and learn more about Star Koat II.

Located in northern Mentawai near Playgrounds, the WavePark offers dozens of different waves to choose from for surfers of all abilities.

2019 Openings
March 19 – 29: 2 spaces
April 9 – 19: 8 spaces

Click the image above and learn more about WavePark.

Monkeys is an all inclusive barefoot luxury resort option in the Telo Islands.  Set in the southern reaches of the archipelago  construction was completed in early 2018 by the legendary Mark Byrne and as far as the southern Telos are concerned, Monkeys is incomparable in both comfort and quality.

2019 Openings
April 10 – 24: 4 spaces at $4,650 USD per surfer
May 10 – 22: 6 spaces at $4,650 USD per surfer

Click the image above and learn more about Monkeys.

Situated on a 50-acre uninhabited private island containing one of the Telos’ finest surf breaks, Pinnacles on Telo is the culmination of unrivaled experience, the ultimate expression of ambition, all designed around a unique resort focused on barefoot luxury.

2019 Openings
March 14 – 24: 2 spaces at $5,350 USD per surfer
April 23 – May 4: 2 spaces at $5,450 USD per surfer
May 4 – 13: 8 spaces at $5,450 USD per surfer

Click the image above and learn more about Pinnacles on Telo

“The Lodge” is an Indonesian surf adventure icon that overlooks Max’s Right – a gem of a wave which provides an ever-changing outlook for their guests.

Telo Island Lodge is designed to facilitate access to as much perfect Indo reef surf as possible.

Spacious undercover decks and common areas are surrounded by manicured lawns and a tropical lagoon, where our epic little fleet of surf transfer speedboats stand by.

This high-end, all inclusive experience is one of the best options in not only North Sumatra but in all of Indonesia!

2019 Openings
April 3 – 13: 5 spaces at $4,850 USD per surfer
April 13 – 23: 6 spaces at $4,900 USD per surfer
April 23 – May 3: 3 spaces at $4,900 USD per surfer

Click the image above to check out Telo Island Lodge.

A surf-dedicated boat built on a very high standard, Moon Palikir is a 100-foot vessel especially designed for charters with powerful twin engines and fully equipped to hunt down the best waves around the archipelago.

Moon Palikir is one of the fastest boats operating in the islands, which makes it easy to travel between surf spots and is  ideal for extended charters all over Sumatra. It has an 18-foot speedboat ready to charge to another surf spot in case of a wind swing and a 12-foot tender for support during surf sessions.

With a large external deck, Moon Palikir offers a spacious area to chill and relax during the day and is equipped with a barbecue on the top deck for sunset celebrations. Carefully designed and tastefully finished, the spacious interior main room with air-conditioning and a 42” TV is equipped with professional coffee machine and plenty of room for the guests to hang out and enjoy great meals.

The amount of space and sleeping arrangements is a welcome break from the dorm style accommodation adopted by many vessels operating in the region. The boat has five air-conditioned sleeping cabins with comfortable bunks for two and four guests.

Their overall mission is to offer a high quality service and provide their guests a unique surf experience in the most consistent and world class waves of the Mentawai Islands and Telos Islands.

2019 Openings
April 29 – May 11: 12 spaces at $3,450 USD per surfer

Click the image above to learn more about  Moon Palikir.

Puri Asu Resort is the ultimate Surfer’s Paradise that offers a peaceful sanctuary to those who are looking to escape the typical, mainstream, highly commercial holiday resort.

Free from the stress and hassle of the typical vacation, Puri Asu Resort is a slice of paradise. It’s located on a pristine white sand beach, among coconut trees, crystal clear water and perfect waves and situated on a remote island only one degree above the equator.

While staying at the Resort, you can enjoy the best in comfort and privacy along with easy access to some of the best and most consistent waves in the world.

2019 Openings
All trips are between $125 USD / night and $250 USD/night depending on accommodation. Puri Asu Resort does not have a set schedule and all trips are customizable to the dates you need,

Click the image above to learn more about Puri Asu Resort.

Nihi Sumba is a surf expedition every surfer needs to experience once in their lives. This is not an escape from everyday life. It is the return to a life well lived. Where rugged luxury meets unregulated freedom. A place to connect with something larger than oneself. A haven for the adventurer, for the wanderer. The endlessly passionate and curious. Arrive with an open heart and leave changed forever. This is vacation with a purpose. A destination with meaning. This is Nihi Sumba Island, 560 acres of Paradise, by Christopher Burch.

At Nihi Sumba Island, they build itineraries that transcend a traditional vacation experience. They foster creativity and passion in their guests, helping them unplug from their hyper connected lives and reconnect with earth and community. Each experience is singular, custom. Made to fit each guest differently. The day is yours, let them help you design your adventure.

But most importantly; it’s the wave at Nihi is what attracts surfers year after year! It is one of the best lefts in existence and with a limit of ten surfers at the resort at any one time it offers a unique interpretation of a modern day surf trip. Boasting authentic accommodation options, incredible dining, unparalleled views and service,  a surf trip here is a mandatory experience even if you have to splurge a bit.

2019 Openings
All trips before March 31, 2019 are considered “Green Season” and 50% the price of comparable “High Season” dates. All trips to Nihi are customized but prices range from $955/night to $1555/night per couple and one surf pass. A

Click the image above to learn more about Nihi Sumba.