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SurflineScout Report Provides Real Data From Surfers In Water

Huntington Beach, CA – (July 28, 2016) Trace, the world’s leader in surf tracking technology and Surfline, the world’s leader in surf reporting, forecasting, editorial content and live streaming cameras are pleased to announce today’s launch of the Surfline Scout Report, a revolutionary new surf reporting program.

The Scout Report, now featured on all Surfline report pages, is a collection of key data points created by Surfline Scouts. Waves per hour, max length of ride, paddle distance, and top speed is captured via Scouts with Trace sensors and served to Surfline users on Now, in addition to the forecasting, reporting, and live cam tools on and the Surfline mobile app, surfers viewing the Scout Report know exactly what it’s like in the water in near real time.

Trace is an innovative new technology company that has created a small tracking device which mounts onto a surfboard, collects session data, and reports back to its owner via a free mobile app. Trace was founded by surfers, mathematicians, and pioneers of GPS technology, and constantly improved with partners Jordy Smith, Timmy Reyes, Channel Islands Surfboards, Nixon watches, and now Surfline.

Surfline Scouts are a hand-picked group of surfers that use the Trace tracker and provide their session data back to Surfline to be publicly shared. Scouts meet minimum standards for frequency of surfing and ability at the most frequently viewed breaks on Surfline.

Now the Surfline audience will know with added data points, when and where Scouts are getting the longest, fastest and most frequent rides. “As the leader in surf reporting and standard-bearer for the surfing community, our purpose is to make surfers’ lives better” said Ross Garrett, SVP Operations, Surfline. “We’re excited to partner with Trace to give our users this exciting new data set—crowd-sourcing the best possible surf reporting is a step into the future.”

“We all know technology can help athletes improve their performance. We’re believers that tracking and reporting data is a logical next step for surfing, and being leaders in the connected economy can help all surfers get the best out of every session. Partnering with the world’s biggest digital surf platform to get that data to the masses is a really exciting accomplishment for Trace, and we’re just getting started.” – David Lokshin, CEO Trace.

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About Trace:  Trace is an innovative technology company that produces action sports board mounted tracking hardware, collects session data, and reports back to users via a free mobile app. Trace also creates pioneering auto-editing software that allows a user’s data to decide which footage to keep and which to discard, while also color-correcting and adding innovative graphics to show viewers live stats.  Trace was founded by surfers, mathematicians, and pioneers of GPS technology with a mission to help action sports athletes improve their performance.

About Surfline:  Surfline’s websites, apps, and data feeds are used each day by millions of surfers around the world to be inspired, entertained, and of course, to live out Surfline’s tagline: Know Before You Go. Powered by a 30-year data set, proprietary data modeling and a team of meteorologists and scientists with more than 100 years of combined surf forecasting experience, Surfline’s forecasts are unrivalled. Surfline is the official forecaster to the World Surf League’s Samsung Galaxy Tour and Big Wave World Tour. With live HD cameras at over 300 beach locations worldwide and with award winning editorial content, Surfline is the trusted source for all things surf. For more information visit


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