Futures Custom Series – The 3/2

July 11, 2018 • Industry, Media Buzz

You have to feel it
to believe it
Image of 3/2 fin
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M 3/2

Do you want to let loose and surf faster than all your friends? Well don’t let this beast scare you away just yet. It may look crazy, but you’ve got to feel it to believe it.

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Originally endorsed by the likes of Tim Curran and friends, the 3/2 was designed to feel loose and generate speed. It’s been described as feeling as fast a twin setup without feeling too skatey. With the side fins holding so well, we needed to add some looseness to the fins. The cutaway, an alternate to the hatchet as the center fin, will give the fin the release where you want it to be. Making this overall setup a match made in heaven.

If you’re interested in the details, the 3/2 refers to the additional surface plane angles at the tip of the fin. The majority of our thruster fins are canted out at 6 degrees and are towed in about 3 degrees depending on the shaper (see illustrations below). The augmented plane at the tip has an additional 3 degrees of cant (splay) and an additional 2 degrees of tow angle which gives additional hold throughout turns without sacrificing any speed.

The 3/2 was originally introduced in 2003 and we’re bringing this zombie fin back to life in our Custom Series line. All of our Custom Series fins are hand foiled here, in Huntington Beach, CA. The M 3/2 Custom Series will only be made in limited quantities, so make sure to get wild and grab a set while they last.
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