ESM Girl Rachel Presented by IMSY Swimwear

March 6, 2019 • Girls

Richael Sierra Haslett

Suit name
Claire  Top $56
Stella Bottom $46
color/ Steel Cord

Photographer credit/ Samuel Hodges/

Favorite Spot:
There are so many amazing places to surf in the DR, it’s hard to choose just one!
I would say one of my favorite spots has to be a left point break in Perla Marina called el Canal!
It’s not an every day spot to surf because you have to hike along a trail to access it, but it’s just gorgeous.

Favorite female surfer:
All time favorite would have to be Stephanie Gilmore – she has such a fluid and dynamic style, and it’s so cool to see
her influencing the culture of the next generation of female surfers. But there are so many to choose from!

What do you love about the ocean?
I love the sense of immensity and wonder you experience when you’re in the ocean. It’s a huge source of my inspiration in my art,
and it’s what I love about surfing. It is the sacred practice where we get to participate in nature, be quiet and listen, learn to watch and read the waves.

Favorite IMSY bikini?
I am obsessed with the colors and textures of the new collection! The Claire Top and Stella bottom in steel cord
is my favorite colorway. A close second would be the Miller Top and Stella bottom in olive green. I love the texture and subtlety  of the design. But most importantly it passes the wipeout test! hands down the best surf bikinis I own!

Goals for the future?
I’m currently a full time watercolor artist, so I’m always looking to expand and grow in my painting. I have a few new projects on the horizon and I’m excited to be stretched! I’m working on a new series right now that is very female and nature centric, and I’m really stoked on how it’s coming together. Art is such an interesting field because you have to keep growing and pushing the edge, fostering creativity, but at the same time balance your mental and physical health.




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