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July 24, 2019 • Girls

Name: Marie Gotthardsen
Hometown: Odense, Denmark
Instagram:  @mariegotthardsen
Photographer: Samuel Hodges

Favorite female surfer:
Anyone who practices thier true passion in the water! Whether it be young girls learning to surf, amateurs striving to improve or pros mastering it.  It’s an eternal inspiration to me. But to mention a few names, I am a huge fan of danish kitesurfer Therese Taabbel, both for her undoubted talent, and for being an amazing role model for female kiters.  I also enjoy following and am very inspired Francesca Bagnoli, Johanna-Catharina Eden and Moona Whyte.

What do you love about the ocean:
Where to begin? Before I started surfing the ocean was my place to recenter.  It’s my playground.. the place I get to feel both like a child and superhero. It’s filled with memories of laughter, love and adventure and most importantly the amazing place I get to call home.

Favorite IMSY bikini:
I adore the Sierra top and Justine bottom – in the hunter/olive combination. They stay on perfectly even though they are a bit skimpier than what I would normally surf in.

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