For this year’s September World Travel issue, we tried something different. Rather than run two or three stories on trips that a few usual suspects took to the usual go-to destinations, we broadened our focus. The Mentawai Islands, Mike Tabeling, a nine-location Travel Passbook feature… That helped us get more diverse voices in the magazine: yes, East Coast superstars like Brett Barley and Mike Gleason taking fully funded trips to capitalize on good swell and media coverage. But also guys like Ben Bourgeois and Jeff Myers looking to escape the pro surfing hustle. Older tube hounds like Curtis Lowe making new lives for themselves halfway around the globe. Longboarders like Amy Murphree in search of warm pointbreaks, relaxed vibes, and the welcoming embrace of old friends. Formerly stickered-up young guns like Tanner Strohmenger opting to spend months working on ocean liners just to break out of their comfort zones. From Brazil to Bali, Portugal to Norway, Japan to Ecuador, this issue contains something to cure every case of wanderlust. If you need a break from all that world travel overload, our Fall Board Forum gets you ready for the hurricane swells currently gracing our coast. And Jacob Spilberg, Danielle Zirkelbach, and Luke Ditella provide a glimpse into the hard work they’ve put in to building better business-minded futures for themselves. Bottom line, everything in these pages details the way that East Coasters routinely escape mundane hometown existences for something richer. Something deeper. Something more wave-blessed, yes, but also something more. The majority of humans are happy to stay within their narrow peripheral lanes. But surfers drift all over the road — and the best of us recognize that the drifting itself is sometimes more important than where you land.
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