If Jamaican surfing in 2016 seems like an essential part of our extended East Coast tapestry, you can credit that to one family: the Wilmots. Billy and Maggie Wilmot founded the Jamaican Surfing Association in 1999 to bring industry attention and domestic support to the island’s waveriding community. International squads, often spearheaded by standout Wilmot siblings Icah, Ivah (on the cover), Ishack, Inilek, and Imani, have represented at ISA World Surfing events every year since 2002. And traveling surfers searching out positive vibrations and warm, playful waves have flocked to the family’s Jamnesia compound day in and day out for almost two decades. While a new breed of rippers is rising up to claim their share of the spotlight, there’s no debating the fact that Jamaican surfing as it stands today wouldn’t exist without the Wilmots’ efforts. So we’re thrilled to repay the generosity this issue. Also included? A 2016 Wetsuit Guide, featuring some of this season’s best rubber, along with a photo feature on the best SUP surfers on the East Coast.

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