Here on the East Coast, community is everything. It’s what brings us all together, propels us forward, and sets us apart from the rest of the surfing world. Sometimes our sense of community comes from finding reward in shared hardships (ESM Essay: Beautiful Oblivion, pg. 38). Other times, it stems from a desire to prove ourselves to the world (Likkle But Wi Tallawah, pg. 40) or to protect our homelands (Call To Action: Puerto Rico’s Coral Reefs, pg. 34). But most often, it comes simply from setting aside differences to focus on the truly important things that we all know and love (Heart Of The East, pg. 46). Any way you slice it, community is something to be valued and cherished, which is why we dedicated our May 2014 issue to you: the wild, wonderful, one-of-a-kind East Coast surf community.
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