May 2013 (Issue #168)

May 6, 2013 • Digital Edition

Everyone loves a good come-back story, and our May 2013 issue is chock-full of them. One of the America’s most inspiring tales of resilience and recovery is unfolding right here on the East Coast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, and ESM brings you all the details in Bouncing Back. Then, a group of Garden State chargers in Mexico overcome unexpected setbacks and traumatic injuries during the adventure of a lifetime in Mad Men. Next, take matters into your own hands and help jumpstart our surf economy by checking out the greatest new gear in our 2013 Summer Buyer’s Guide. There’s plenty more excitement and inspiration between these pages, from cover-boy Balaram Stack’s quest for a main sponsor to Aaron Cormican’s new life plan to the Rhode Island surf community’s courageous stand to save one of their most beloved surf breaks, so read on and cheer your favorite East Coast heroes to victory…

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