Is any edition of ESM more exciting than our annual Photo Issue? Imagery drives our sport forward — photos like the one on this issue’s cover, of New Yorker Leif Engstrom blasting a head-scratching new air variation, push the progression of our sport forward. The simple beauty of a multi-page photo feature — no captions, no filler, just big, beautiful Big ‘Uns — feeds the stoke that resides inside all of us. Insight from a few of the East Coast’s top freesurfers pulls the curtain back on what it truly means to perform for the camera. A crucial slice of our Northeastern surf community is represented in the long-overdue Joe McGovern portfolio. And in case you’ve ever wondered what the life of a traveling photographer is really like (hint: it’s NOT one big vacation), Seth Stafford, Brian Nevins, Ryan Miller, Jimmy Wilson, and Trevor Moran provide a peek inside their photographic quivers. We hope you like what you see inside the 88 pages of our action-packed, insightful, and downright beautiful June 2014 issue. Now let’s go out and make some more special photographic moments, why don’t we?
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