With World Cup fever just beginning to die down, ESM is proud to present our own 16-person Who Da Guy squad that can represent the East Coast right on our sport’s hallowed pitch. We also highlight all the big winners of our nation’s esteemed amateur championships, the Surfing America USA Champs and the NSSA Nationals, held last month in Southern California. Plus, we check in with South Carolina legends Kelly Richards and David Nuckles about their annual Puerto Rican coaching trip, which this year saw 22 kids learning the ropes from two of our coast’s best role models. Sprinkle in some homemade wax and hardworking entrepreneurship with New Hampshire’s Jim Kelly of Jimbo’x Surf Wax, a Fuji Moment of pure visual bliss in Mexico with Nils Schweizer, and all the usual departmental love you’ve come to expect from ESM and you have a mid-summer magazine that will get you stoked for the back half of our busiest season. Enjoy every page, photo, word, and ad with the digital edition of our new August 2014 issue.
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