Archive Dive: Read ESM’s 120 Page November 1999 Hurricane Wrap-up Issue Here!

October 22, 2019 • Archive Dive, Digital Edition

In this ESM Archive Dive we bring you our 120 page, full digital edition of the November 1999 “Holiday Issue” published 20 years ago   ( link here ) with Dean Randazzo on the cover. Top features include a funny, off-kilter “man on the streets” type interview conducted by Eric “Chowdar” Seger with The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore who we christened “The Grim Reaper”, a name which has stuck and followed him up and down I-95 to every Right Coast surf burg he’s posted up at, usually with mixed results amongst the locals. It is also my all time favorite interview we ever did and Jim was a total good sport about our cheeky, low brow approach ( see ‘sophomoric humor’ ) and just rolled with it earning him our endearing respect say what you will about his histrionics at times.

The “Grim Reaper” interview with Jim Cantore by Eric “Chowdar” Seeger

Also on offer we have our “Strange Brew” Hurricane Season 1999 wrap-up, coverage of the ESA Championships which encountered epic surf down at the Lighthouse, our titled so-as-notto-offend “Holiday Gift Guide” ( see how many companies no longer exist or filed for bankruptcy! ) and to top it off, as good as she gets Tom Dugan ESM Girl Martha Grasty. To all access this digitized print version click the link here or click on the cover of the mag below. While you can view it on your iPhone and all mobile devices viewing it on a desktop, laptop or pad maximizes it’s Issuu’s scale-to-full screen size abilities. Please go to our ESM archives ( link here ) to see every page Eastern Surf Magazine ever printed- Enjoy! – Mez –

November 1999 (Issue #61)

Dugan does it again. Martha Grasty, our November 1999 ESM Girl


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