WRV Outer Banks Pro QS1,000 Returns to Men’s Qualifying Series Schedule

July 28, 2017 • East Coast Contests, WSL

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California/ USA (Tuesday, July 25, 2017) –The World Surf League (WSL) Men’s Qualifying Series (QS) has another chance at earning valuable points toward the North America region once again at the fourth annual WRV Outer Banks Pro QS1,000 presented by Pacifico. All of the QS elite started somewhere, and the WRV Outer Banks Pro is an example of a launching platform for those looking to do so. Kilian Garland’s (USA) inaugural victory here last year earned him the boost he needed to claim North America’s QS title and a spot into the coveted QS10,000s.

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Photo: WSL/Nichols

LG Shaw’s steadfast work and determination since this event’s inception in 2014 has helped pushed it further each year. With the help of a passionate team in charge of the production and live broadcast, Outer Banks continues to be a destination surfers relish in their rising careers with it’s light-hearted atmosphere and consistent waves.

“WRV is stoked to keep the WSL vibe alive on the East Coast during our 50th anniversary year,” Shaw said. “With Pacifico’s continued support, along with the confidence of Jennette’s Pier, the Town of Nags Head and all of our supporting sponsors, we truly love the event we are able to put together and it looks to be another amazing year. WRV loves the partnership we have grown with the WSL family and the athletes they have brought to the Outer Banks from around the world. The Outer Banks is the heart and soul of East Coast surfing and WRV loves that we are able to showcase some of the world’s, and local area’s, talent at this amazing event.”

Some up-and-coming talent are reveling in the opportunity back on offer to earn valuable points within their home region of North America following the Vans Pro QS3,000.

Kevin Schulz (USA) earned his best finish on the QS thus far with a Semifinal result at Jeannette’s Pier last year and now looks to do one better in 2017. Schulz’s disappointing finish in Acapulco only fueled the flame for a chance at earning vital points just a short trip away from his hometown of San Clemente.

“I always look forward to this event as we seem to get decent waves every year so to see it back on the schedule immediately got me fired up knowing I would be returning to Outer Banks,” Schulz said. “This event was my best result last year and I feel really confident going into it this time around. My small wave boards are feeling pretty magical at the moment and half of the battle on the East Coast seems to be figuring out the proper equipment. Last year we got a hurricane swell, but the winds took a funny turn last minute so we had to wrap up the event earlier than expected. I would be really happy to see something come together on the charts before the event.”

A surfer primed and ready for these QS1,000s is Ryland Rubens (USA). The 18-year-old will finish off his Pro Junior career by year’s end and take to the QS full-time for a chance at chasing down the Dream Tour. Rubens currently leads the Junior Tour rankings in North America and now looks to translate that success to the QS.

“It’s great [to the see this event back] because I like the area and the people are nice so that makes it more welcoming in wanting to come back,” Rubens said. “The QS has taught me just to enjoy the moments traveling. It’s easy to block everything out when you go on the road, and you never learn about different cultures if you do that. Even though it’s a more mellow event, I still take it as the same magnitude as any other event. Maybe there’s a little less pressure because you’re not double dipping with the Pro Junior like in some of them, but I see it as the same.”

WRV will be featuring a LIVE webcast of the event each day and event information will also be on WRVOBXPRO.com. In addition to the surfing action, Pacifico has added a concert series to the Labor Day Weekend that will hit different towns during the event window — making its way to Nags Head Sunday, September 3 at 2 p.m.

The WRV Outer Banks Pro QS1,000 will run August 30 – September 3. For more information, please visit www.WorldSurfLeague.com or download the WSL App to receive updates on your mobile device.

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