NAGS HEAD, North Carolina/ USA (Wednesday, August 30, 2017) – The World Surf League (WSL) WRV Outer Banks Pro Men’s Qualifying Series (QS) 1,000 presented by Pacifico stormed into action at Jeannette’s Pier with the completion of Round 1 Heats 1 through 8. Hefty, four-to-six foot swell pumped into the lineup and the QS contingent on hand unleashed big performances throughout the day’s action. The heavy morning winds slowly backed off as the day progressed and offered plenty of scoring potential.

Jhonny Corzo. Photo: WSL/John Ferguson

International Surfing Association (ISA) Gold Medalist Jhonny Corzo (MEX) still derives momentum from that win heading into the back half of 2017 and blasted a near-perfect 9.50 (out of a possible 10) and 16.83 (out of a possible 20) heat total — the highest scores for both in Round 1. Corzo’s forehand went unmatched on opening day as he smashed critical sections of the wave and had the field in a combination situation, meaning they needed two new scores to total Corzo’s.The 18-year old, Mexican representative hasn’t had the competitive season he would like in 2017, finishing equal 7th at the Jack’s Surfboards Pro as his best result, but knows he still has a long career ahead of him.

“That was incredible to get one of the biggest scores on the QS so far in my career and help get my confidence up to start this one off,” Corzo said. “It’s been hard getting results this year, but I did good here last year so that gives me some confidence as well. This is a lot like Acapulco when it gets big so I feel comfortable out there knowing how to surf waves like these. It’s good to get going in my first full year on the QS and even though I haven’t done as well as I’d like, I know I just have to keep rolling, keep working hard, and eventually a good result will happen.”

Barbados’ Ché Allan. Photo: WSL/Ferguson

Ché Allan (BRB) is on the right path toward building his foundation of a successful career, currently ranked No. 2 on the North America Pro Junior Tour, in the future and showed that with a dominant opening performance at Jeanette’s Pier. Allan posted a solid 15.10 on his formidable backhand in the testy conditions. The Barbadian talent returns to Outer Banks alongside his fellow countrymen once more to keep setting himself up for a good seeding toward next year’s QS season.

“I was kind of nervous going out there and starting with a bad one then ending up all the way down the beach, but that 5-point ride to start helped shake some nerves,” Allan said. “It’s definitely a change for me to be on my forehand and knew I could’ve gotten some bigger scores if I’d just timed it better. You can tell if the wave is going to be good for the first two sections, but after that it’s a gamble and luckily I have a good board under my feet that I was able to get some practice on further south yesterday when it was pumping. I still haven’t been putting my all into the QS and focusing more on the Pro Juniors, but when I get a heat win like that it gives me some confidence heading into next year.”

Gabriel Farias. Photo: WSL/Ferguson

The international field at the WRV Outer Banks Pro continues to pour into Nags Head, North Carolina, and Brazil is always well represented. Gabriel Farias’ (BRA) Round 1 performance yielded an excellent 8.90 on a reeling righthander that gave him the opportunity for multiple maneuvers before a massive closeout section. The 22-year-old is looking for his breakthrough on the QS level, and, after going to Europe last year with no success, returns hoping for more.

“I’m so happy to be here after I went to Europe last year and didn’t get as an alternate so it feels great to be back with my friends,” Farias said. “It’s nice to be here with all the Brazilians. It feels like home when we all stay together and have big dinners with each other. I think it’s very important to travel with your friends because it helps you relax and just have more fun. These waves are so fun, I got a couple of barrels here yesterday, and hopefully they stay like this for the contest.”

Ryland Rubens. Photo: WSL/Ferguson

Current North America Pro Junior No. 1 Ryland Rubens (USA) is preparing for his transition into a full-time career on the QS next year and came out firing in Outer Banks. Rubens vicious forehand attack on a sizeable closeout section earned him an excellent 8.77 to move from third-place position into first, and a heat win.

“It feels good to start off like that and I’m stoked the conditions cleaned up a bit for us to offer some nice corners that came through as the tide came up,” Rubens said. “These events are all important and just trying to get some more jersey time during my stay over here. The Outer Banks is a great venue so it made the decision easy. I think it’s just refreshing to be surfing proper waves for an event and hopefully Mother Nature keeps the waves coming our way to finish this one out.”

Tomas King. Photo: WSL/Ferguson

Tomas King (CRI) came to the Outer Banks fresh off a Semifinal result at the Vans Pro QS3,000 and carried that momentum directly into his Round 1 heat here. King’s critical backhand snaps and power surfing matched that of the conditions on hand to earn an excellent 8.00 of his own. The Costa Rican has plenty of support around him with his fellow Ticos here and experience at Jeannette’s Pier to back it up.

“I was kind of lost at first, but it was nice to get that score after I found my spot out there,” King said. “There’s a lot of good waves out there even though it’s pretty tricky so I was stoked on it. This is my third year here and it’s always fun. I want to be in those bigger events and after that Semifinal in Virginia I jumped up a bit so since I missed Europe I’ll be preparing for the Philippines with this one. It’s great to have these events close together and come off a result like that, I’m ready to get a good another one here.”

Event organizers will reconvene to make a 7:30 a.m. EDT call for a possible 8:00 a.m. start to finish Round 1 Heat 9 through 16. The WRV Outer Banks Pro pres. by Pacifico will be webcast LIVE throughout the event window running August 30 through September 3. For more information, please visit or download the WSL App to receive updates on your mobile device.

WRV Outer Banks Pro QS1,000 Round 1 Results:
Heat 1: Tomas King (CRI) 13.33, Michel Flores (BRA) 11.53, Pedro Todaro (BRA) 9.57, Jared Jennings (USA) 3.67

Central Florida’s Chauncey Robinson during the pre-event freesurf. Photo: Jon Carter

Heat 2: Ryland Rubens (USA) 13.90, Chauncey Robinson (USA) 12.53, Bo Raynor (USA) 11.10, Quentin Turko (USA) 7.57

North Carolina’s Quentin Turko. Photo: Jon Carter

Heat 3: Ché Allan (BRB) 15.10, Noah Hill (HAW) 10.74, Derek Gomes (VEN) 7.80, Brody Lewis (USA) 4.56
Heat 4: Gabriel Farias (BRA) 14.47, Jacob Burke (BRB) 12.33, Cole Alves (HAW) 10.10, London Almida (USA) 6.14
Heat 5: Gabriel Morvil (USA) 12.10, Jonathan Zambrano Chila (ECU) 10.06,Ben Coffey (USA) 9.60,Dallas Tolson (USA) 5.76,
Heat 6: Rey Hernandez (MEX) 9.67, Christopher Ropero (USA) 9.30, Noah Beschen (HAW) 6.70, Collin Shinn (USA) NS

Pedro Neves. Photo: WSL/Ferguson

Heat 7: Pedro Neves (BRA) 15.23, Luke Marks (USA) 12.77, Caleb Tancred (AUS) 12.63, Dylan Kowalski (USA) 7.67

Central Florida native Luke Marks. Photo: Jon Carter

Heat 8: Jhonny Corzo (MEX) 16.83, Tommy Coleman (USA) 11.37, Wayne Satterwhite (USA) 11.37, Brandon Todd (USA) 6.70

Central Florida’s Tommy Coleman. Photo: WSL/Ferguson

WRV Outer Banks Pro QS1,000 Remaining Round 1 Match-Ups:
Heat 9: Brian Toth (PRI), Stevie Pittman (USA), Knox Harris (USA), Mason Barnes (USA)
Heat 10: Alex Maniatis (GRC), Dane Mackie (BRB), Franks Chenault (USA), Joshua Chester (HAW)
Heat 11: Jake Kelley (USA), Cobie Gittner (USA), Paul Pugliesi (USA)
Heat 12: Kevin Schulz (USA), Christopher Kervin (USA), Logan Landry (CAN), Sebastian Mendes (USA)
Heat 13: Bruce Mackie (BRB), Gabe Kling (USA), Gabe Kling (USA), Francisco Belloring (VEN), Sean Morris (USA)
Heat 14: Facundo Arreyes (ARG), Nate Dorman (USA), Aldo Chirinos (CRI), Italo Mesinas (USA)
Heat 15: Chris Michalak (USA), Micha Cantor (USA), Zander Venezia (BRB), Jennings Sessoms (USA)
Heat 16: Kade Matson (USA), Rob Kelly (USA), Rory Reep (USA), Christopher Smolko (USA)

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