The Eco Pro 2018 Surf Series Contest # 2 Wrap-up Results + Photo Gallery

December 26, 2018 • Competition, East Coast Contests

Story, photo’s and captions by Tom Dugan:

The second contest in the three part Eco Pro Series was held December 15th at Paradise Beach Park in Indialantic, Florida.  The contest was postponed twice due to Red Tide and weather, but the wait more than paid off.  The contestants were met with an overcast day that turned to sunny skies, and then to rain for the finals, but the waves were all time. Glassy waves with light offshore winds were the call all day long. Two to four foot surf with a few bigger sets made for some great surfing and really was a sight to be seen as to how each surfer approached the waves with their own style.

The view from the contest check-in spot. PHOTO:DUGAN

There were standout surfers in each division with all the best rising to the top. In the Boy’s U16:  Ben Wingate, Sterling Makish, and Logan Radd traded the high tide inside waves, with Logan coming out the winner. Masters’ Pro saw great surfing with long time Brevard Florida pro David Speir keeping the trophy in his hometown. The Junior Pro was one of the most anticipated of the Eco Pro as these are the surfers that will soon be moving into the top event in a few years to the Men’s Pro. Tommy Coleman was the eventual winner but getting past 2nd place finisher Ryan Huckabee, and 3rd place finisher Blake Speir was not that easy. The tide had gotten to the high side so sets were backed off a bit making it hard to drop a high score. Tommy found a few good sized waves with long walls that gave him the extra boost he needed to take the win. 

Men’s Pro winner Daniel Glenn worked his program with precision and stuck to his game plan. Get the best waves, do radical maneuvers, and don’t fall. PHOTO: DUGAN


The Men’s Pro was what everone came to see and they were not disappointed. When the waves are as good as they were you get to see top notch performances. Chris Caldwell, Chauncy Robinson, Sam Duggan, Tommy Coleman, Blake Speir, Chris Duff, and Corey Howell all put in fine performances but it was Daniel Glenn that was the one to take home the winner’s check and trophy. 
The Eco Pro Series season finale, the Surfing Florida Museum Pro will be held at Jupiter Beach January 5th or 6th. Season champions will be crowned with the Men’s Pro champion getting a  charter to the Mentawai Islands worth $3,500.00. The Junior Pro Champion gets $1000.00. The last contest will be dedicated to long time south Florida surf shop owner Ron Heavyside who passed away earlier this year.  Ron’s Nomad Surf Shop is the longest running store in the state of Florida celebrating 50yrs in business in 2018. Ron started shaping surfboards in 1964 and continued shaping until the end. He was 69 years old. 
To register for the series final event go to : WWW.ECOPROSURF.ORG : All Results + more photos below…

East Coast Surfing Hall Of Famer Ron Heavyside.

Results For The Eco Pro 2018 Surf Series Contest # 2:
Mens Pro:
1. Daniel Glenn
2. Cory Howell
3. Chris Duff
4. Blake Spier
5. Tommy Coleman
6. Chauncey Robinsons
7. Sam Dugan
8. Chris Caldwell

The waves pumped all day long. This photo was taken at 1:45 p.m. and as you can see, it still was offshore winds with some nice sets. Corey Howell on his way to a 2nd place in the Men’s Pro. PHOTO: DUGAN

Junior Pro:
1. Tommy Coleman
2. Ryan Huckaabee
3. Blake Speir
4. Robbie Godwin

Junior Pro Winner Tommy Coleman on a clean one. The wind was offshore ALL DAY and the waves pumped, giving all the competitors a chance to surf clean, fun waves like this gem for every heat. PHOTO: DUGAN

Masters Pro:
1. David Speir
2. Kent Compayre
3. Ricky Grimson
4. Jay Smith

While most of the coverage has been pointed toward his son Blake as of late, David Speir showed up and grabbed first place in the Masters Pro just to remind his Blake you’re never to old to succeed. PHOTO: DUGAN

Womens Pro:
1. Zoe Benedetto
2. Coral Shuster
3. Bree Smith
4. Polina Malizia

Zoe Benedetto charging the shore break to get every point she can and it paid off with a win in the Women’s Pro. PHOTO: DUGAN

Boys U16:
1. Logan Radd
2. Sterling Makish
3. Ben Wingate
4. Jack Anderson

Boys U16 second place finisher Sterling Makish about to take the top of a clean one. PHOTO: DUGAN

Girls U16:
1. Morgan Morris
2. Amber Olson
3. Amelia Fazio
4. Fiona Sargente
5. Madison Lavender
6. Kelsey Pitcher
Boys U12:
1. Ethan Harbinson
2. Reef Coote
3. Beckham McCart
4. Teddy Witleman
5. Jayden Dixon
6. DC Lewis

The younger groms are only getting better and better these days and Ethan Harbinson is starting to stand out from the pack. He’s been in final after final, and this past event added to his trophy case with a win in the Boys U12. PHOTO: DUGAN

Girls U12:
1. Larie Eastwood
2. Mya Sniadach
3. Daya McCart
4. Thais Barazorda
5. Kora Passarelli
6. Ava Lavender
Mens Open:
1. William Kimball
2. Eduardo Roure
3. Darien Pitcher
4. Jay Smith
5. Jay Wheelan
Womens Open:
1) Morgan Morris
2. Amber Olsen
3. Amelia Fazio
1. Grady Love
2. Asher Eastwood
3. Ian Honda
4. Preston Persichetti
5. Jake Fisher

William Kimball and Randy Nolan taking care of biz all day. PHOTO: DUGAN

Driving up from Ft. Lauderdale, Chris Caldwell has been turning a few heads with his smooth surfing. Sort of a newcomer to the pro ranks, he placed an equal 7th with Sam Duggan. Expect to see more from Chris down the road. PHOTO: DUGAN

Chauncey Robinson was surfing fast and smooth but was not able to put it all together for the win. He ended up an equal 5th with Tommy Coleman. PHOTO: DUGAN

Up from South Florida, Ryan Huckabee surfed aggressively and with form but was stopped short of the win, grabbing a second in the Junior Pro. PHOTO: DUGAN

Long time Florida pro competitor Chris Duff has been living full-time on the North Shore of Hawaii. He came home to see family and decided to enter the Eco Pro for a chance to earn a little Christmas cash and have some fun. He ended up with a third place and the cash to go with it. PHOTO: DUGAN

Catching waves like this helped put Coral Schuster into 2nd place in the Women’s Pro. PHOTO: DUGAN

His dad David may have brought home a first place trophy, but Blake Speir (seen here) brought home two trophies of his own: a 3rd in the Jr Pro and a 4th in the Mens Pro. PHOTO: DUGAN

Small and grass roots is how the Eco Pro rolls, just the way surfers like it. Contest organizers have stepped up with a 3 event series filling a pro contest needs to keep east-siders competing at the top of their game. PHOTO: DUGAN

Women’s Pro 3rd place finisher Bree Smith checking in for the finals. PHOTO: DUGAN

From the first heat of the day until the last, the waves were clean and glassy. For a pro event on the East Coast, you could not have asked for better conditions. The contest was postponed three time to make sure the conditions would be at their best. 2nd place Pro Men’s Corey Howell slicing a clean wall. All we can say is, “GOOD CALL.” PHOTO: DUGAN