Schweizer, Goodwin And Green Take Pro Wins At The 2019 Tommy Tant!

November 25, 2019 • Competition, East Coast Contests

Story & captions by Tom Dugan, photos & bonus gallery by Dugan & Ducer :

The 19th Annual Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Classic was held November 2nd and 3rd at the Flagler Beach Pier in Flagler, Florida. The waves were in a solid four foot range both days and weather was overcast to sunny on Saturday and warm and sunny on Sunday . The event celebrates the life of Flagler Beach local surf standout , Tommy Tant who passed away in 1998 from an aortic aneurysm.  He died unexpectedly in his sleep at the age of 24.

The level of surfing was as high as it gets . This contest is always a action packed event . Men’s Pro winner Nils Schweizer had to get by some of the toughest competitors in the state of Florida and he did to take a hard fought win . PHOTO : DUGAN

The contest brings together competitors from across the state of Florida and is one of the biggest events of the year for the local community.  The event  features prime surfing levels and this year was no exception, the surfing was thru the roof. Across the board the surfing was so much fun to watch as top rivals in all divisions tried to out surf the other and this year saw some changing of the guard.

The celebration of Tommy Tant ‘s life. PHOTO : DUCE

East Coast contest icon and perennial Pro Men’s winner from the past, Aaron Cormican was taunted out of retirement ( with a little help from @easternsurf ) to try to reclaim the title he’s won a several times. Surprisingly he did not not make it into the finals but did not disappoint with some stellar moves.   All was not lost though as fellow New Smyrna local Noah Schweizer took home the win and brought the winning check back to Smyrna.

Not too sure but we think this guy’s surfing is getting BETTER as he gets older. Ben Lacy surfed to a1st place in Open Men’s . PHOTO : DUGAN

Another upset was local boy Jimmy Blumenfeld not making it to the Open Men’s Final. Jimmy surfed insanely good as he always does at his home break but just could not find two good ones to the beach to advance . Ben Lacey was surfing so good that he just could not be touched . He took home the 1st place in Open Men’s.  Local Bob Lindsley won Grandmaster’s,  Carl Burger took chances and won the Boys 18 and Under.

Women’s Pro winner Taylor Green hits one backside on her way to first place. PHOTO : DUGAN

In the Open Women’s Longboard Maddie Franz, fresh off a win at the NKF in Cocoa Beach, added another trophy to the shelf . But the coolest story of the event was from Junior Pro winner Robbie Goodwin . The first contest that he ever surfed in was the Tommy Tant at age six.  His dad told ESM that he practiced so hard for weeks to enter his first contest and now nine years later he takes home the first place in the Pro Jr  and the check for a cool grand and is put into the long list of winners at the Tommy Tant . A great event from start to finish both for it’s surfing and it’s commitment in helping the local community and beyond . – Tom Dugan –

Jr. Men’s Pro winner Robbie Goodwin speed banks across the lip on his way to the win and a $1000.00 paycheck . Historic Note : The first contest Robbie entered when he was 6yr’s old was the Tommy Tant . Nine years later he’s taking home a Pro win and a cool grand for the effort . PHOTO : DUGAN

2019 Tommy Tant Results:

Mens Pro- Presented By Advent Health Medical Group Orthopedics And Sports Medicine

1. Noah Schweizer

2. Robbie Mc Cormick

3. Jesse Heilman

4. Logan Hayes

This guy literally grew up surfing at the pier. The airs this guy can do on demand are totally mind blowing. Robbie McCormick punting his way to second place in the Men’s Pro . PHOTO : DUGAN

Junior Pro- Presented By Finn’s Beachside Pub

1. Robbie Goodwin

2. Benji Lange

3. Noah Brownell

4. Gavin Coluccio

As local as you can get: (l-r) Robbie McCormick , Ben Lacy, and Will Tant all grew up surfing the pier and have been involved from the start celebrating the life of Tommy Tant . PHOTO : DUCE

Womens Pro- Presented By Watercare Irrigation & Well, LLC

1. Taylor Green

2. Haley Watson

3. Olivia Beven

4. Maddie Franz

Will Tant, a former top east coast pro, surfed during the Expression Session held in his brother’s honor and ripped the bag out of it as usual. PHOTO : DUCE

Boys 18 And Under

1. Carl Burger

2. Evan Tyson

3. Tristan Clark

4. Logan Coluccio

Always one to watch and a tough competitor in all conditions, ESA All-Star and reigning Easterns champ, Carl Burger surfed his way to a 1st in U18 and a 2nd in 14U. Fins out drop wallet . PHOTO : DUGAN

Boys 14 and Under

1. Gavin Collucio

2.Carl Burger

3. Joel Luteran

4. Logan Collucio

5. Gunner Snead

6. Skylar Riddling

The aggressive backside attack got Joel Luteran a 6th place in the Boys 14 and Under division . PHOTO : DUGAN

Open Mens

1. Ben Lacey

2. Dylan Martin

3. Blaize Carroll

4. Evan Tyson

5. Forrest Linder

6. C.J. Garren

Dylan Martin lays down a textbook roundhouse on his way to a 2nd place in the Open Men’s . PHOTO : DUGAN


1. Bob Lindsley

2. Quinn Throne

3. Robert Quinn

4. David McGonigle

5. Lynn Harrington

6. Walter Snell

New Smyrna Bach and East Coast Royalty was in full force all weekend at the Contest . L to R: Nils Schweizer , Noah Schweizer, and Aaron Cormican. Talk about surfing talent! PHOTO : DUGAN


1. Doug Marsh

2. Kirk Oswell

3. Mark Kincaid

4. Sandy Marino

The contest setup as seen from the Flagler Beach Pier . PHOTO DUGAN

Girls 18 Plus

1. Haley Watson

2. Sophie Cook

3. Candice Griffin

4. Carla Cline

5. Emily Skripko

The scheduled paddle out for noon on Sunday was put aside due to high surf, so the celebration for Tommy Tant was held on the beach a hundred yards from the Flagler Pier . Friends gather in a circle and also lined the boardwalk as Memories of Tommy were shared . His passing in 1998 was a sad day but the love shared every year at this event is a testament to Tommy’s life . PHOTO : DUGAN

Girls 17 And Under

1. Niyah Rosen

2. Maddie Franz

3. Sally Cook

Snapping back on an open face is one of the aggressive moves that took Niyah Rosen to a 1st place win in the Girls U17 . PHOTO : DUGAN

Open Mens Longboard

1. James Palazzotto

2. Turtle Blumenfeld

3. Eason Green

4. Tristan Clark

5. Alan Ellison

6. Justin Evans

Why are these guys smiling? Because under their watchful eyes the event ran clean and smooth both days till the very last heat paddled in . Randy Nolan and Phil Jackson two of the finest, hardest working contest directors you will fine this side of the Mississippi and maybe west of the Rockies too . PHOTO : DUGAN

Opens Women Longboard

1. Maddie Franz

2. Olivia Bevan

3. Kiley Woods

4. Emily Skripko

5. Faith Fisher


1. Tyko Tran

2. Jake Fisher

3. Emily Clements

4. Dominik Oliver

Look at that face. How stoked is Tadpoles winner Tyko Tran hoisting that trophy bigger than him? Meanwhile, event founder Will Tant looks pretty jazzed himself with a grin even bigger than the groms. Well done once again all! PHOTO : DUCE


1. Randy Adalin

2.Edwardo oropeza

3. Donnie Hopper

4. Shawn Nobel



Boys Under 11

1. Josh Luteran

2. Kyan O’Rouke

3. Everett Nipper

4.Jimmy Brittan

5. Gus Hultgren

6. Blake Stark

Open Body Board

1. Austin Dalton

2. Dan Worley

3. Tim Dazzell

4. Tyler Dalecki

5. Ryan Tietjen

His little brother Noah won the contest but big brother Nils Schweizer did not go down without giving it his all . Tail high on the inside . PHOTO : DUGAN

Daytona Beach local Drew Fosson headed north to compete in the Boy’s 16U and found a few lips to bash while he was visiting . PHOTO : DUGAN

With nice chunky waves coming thru both days, it gave everyone a chance to throw down some power moves . Evan Tyson tail slides got him a 2nd in U18 and a 4th in Open Mens . PHOTO : DUGAN

This surfer’s lineage is as strong as it comes. He grew up around Flagler Beach and has called the pier his home break. Grandmother is East Coast legend Mimi Monro, so he’s been around some great surfing his whole life. Blaize Carroll snapping into a 3rd in the Open Men’s . PHOTO : DUCE

Logan Hayes fresh off his win at the NKF in Cocoa Beach went all out busting airs and surfing at warp speed all the way to the Men’s Pro finals and a 4th place finish . PHOTO : DUGAN

Local Jimmy Blumenfeld as always was surfing up a storm throughout the whole event. PHOTO : DUGAN

There were a few big sets that came through making it exciting for the competitors and the fans. Jesse Heilman grabs a nice one out the back on his way to a 3rd in the Men’s Pro . PHOTO : DUGAN

Younger of the Glenn brothers Matthew Glenn was on fire throughout the contest but just did not get the waves to make it all the way . Matthew throwing a nice backside fan on the inside section . PHOTO : DUGAN

Men’s Pro winners. PHOTO : DUGAN

Will Tant congratulates the Men’s Pro winner Noah Schwieizer and Junior Pro winner Robbie Goodwin . PHOTO : DUGAN

Junior Pro winners . PHOTO : DUGAN

Womens Pro Winners PHOTO : DUGAN