Eco Pro Series Final Event Report & Season Wrap-Up

April 23, 2019 • Competition, East Coast Contests

Photos and captions by Tom Dugan, story by Danny Ottofaro and Jim Tolliver:

The Final Event, Jupiter Inlet, March 30th, 2019:

The 2018 Eco Pro Surf Series in it’s 2nd season produced some solid competition under some challenging circumstances putting the crew at Eco PRO to the test. Contest # 1 back in September 2018, the C4CW PRO at Ponce Inlet,  was on schedule and Volusia provided some chest high plus hospitality with a beach completely packed full of supporters and bikinis. Contest # 2 back in December, the Future 6 PRO in Indiatlantic, suffered a date change from red tide present in the Brevard County waters in October but the wait was worth it. Paradise Park produced solid glassy swell in the stomach to chest range and the battle was on! Contest # 3, Surfing Florida Museum Pro, originally scheduled in January, suffered the most reschedules of the season due to a south Florida flat spell and other conflicting surf events the boys at the Eco Pro had to work around. When the Atlantic turned on March 30, the competition was held in stomach to chest + conditions and the battle for final points was epic!

Over all series Men’s Pro winner Daniel Glenn surfed his way to a 2nd in the Mens Pro at Jupiter to put an exclamation point on his 2018 Eco Pro campaign. PHOTO : DUGAN

Eco pro series finale, Surfing Florida Museum Pro, was held at Jupiter Beach Stair 47 with a great turnout for the final event including some of the top competitors in the state competing. Our division champions crowned included Daniel Glenn taking the Men’s Pro title this season, Ryan Huckabee crowned Junior Pro Champion, Kent Compayre repeating as Masters Pro Champion for the first two seasons, Ava McGowen Women’s Pro Champion & along with all amateur division champions (listed below).

The Surfing Florida Museum Pro champions in this competition included Chauncey Robinson Men’s Pro, Tommy Coleman Junior Pro, William Kimball Masters Pro, Ava McGowen Women’s Pro, Sam Duggan Longboard Pro, Logan Radd Open Men’s, Kora Passarelli U12 girls, etc. Special thanks to Tom Dugan at Eastern Surf Magazine / @easternsurfmag on Instagram for all the awesome coverage this entire season.


Scott McCranel’s about to make it rain cash money by handing over an extra thousand bucks to Jr. Pro overall Eco Pro Series winner Ryan Huckabee while event finalists (l-r) Sterling Makish, Chase Modelski and Jupiter event Junior Pro winner Tommy Coleman look on. PHOTO: DUGAN

Eco Pro Series Jupiter Event Results:

The Florida Surfing Museum Pro results:

Men’s pro

1. Chauncey Robinson

2. Daniel Glenn

3. Coby Gittner

4. Corey Howell

5. Tommy Coleman

5. Chase Modelski

Mens Pro winner Chauncey Robinson got going early and could not be stoped on his way to the win. PHOTO : DUGAN

Junior Pro:

1. Tommy Coleman

2. Ryan Huckabee

3. Chase Modelski

4. Sterling Makish

5. Chris Caldwell

5. Ben Smith

With a stacked field of in-form surfers Tommy Coleman put the peddle to the metal and won the Jr. Pro along with an equal 5th in the Mens Pro. PHOTO : DUGAN

Masters Pro:

1. William Kimball

2. Kent Compayre

3. Dave Hoag

4. Joe Ryan

Overall William Kimbell had a great year as an excellent announcer for the Eco Pro series and as a competitor. In the final event he won the Masters Pro and took a 5th in Open Mens. PHOTO : DUGAN

Women’s Pro:

1. Ava McGowen

2. Ellie Barimo

3. Isabella Tietje

Longboard Pro

1. Sam Duggan

2. Brett Staska

Women’s Pro finalist’s (l-r) winner Ava Mc Gowan and Ellie Barimo. PHOTO: DUGAN

Open Men’s:

1. Logan Radd

2. Casey Coote

3. Dave Hoag

4. Joe Ryan

5. William Kimball

6. Rick Sheppard

Logan Radd was on a roll winning both the Mens Open and the Under 16. PHOTO : DUGAN

U16 Boys:

1. Logan Radd

2. Kepa Mendia

3. Maverick Mules

4. Reef Coote

U12 Boys:

1. Campbell Hogan

2. Ethan Harbinson

3. Corbin Buckley

4. Reef Coote

5. Teddy Wittman

6. Noah Hanks

Ethan Harbinson smacks a nice one on his way to a 2nd in Boys Under 12. PHOTO : DUGAN

U16 girls:

1. Amber Olsen

2. Niah Rosen

3. Madison Lavender

4. Audrey Rasmussen

U12 Girls:

1. Kora Passarelli

2. Niah Rosen

3. Mya Sniadach

4. Carlie Eastwood


1. Asher Eastwood

2. Jake Fisher

Event site overview for the final showdown of the hugely successful 2019 Eco Series Pro on the south side of Jupiter inlet. Look for even bigger and better things next year! PHOTO: DUGAN

No stranger to Finals Corey Howell grabbed a 4th in the Mens Pro. PHOTO : DUGAN

Coby Gittner was on fire leading him to a 3rd in the Mens Pro. PHOTO : DUGAN

Happy announcers Scott McCranels, Shea Lopez & Randy Nolan legends all. PHOTO : DUGAN

Hunter Roland up and over. PHOTO : DUGAN

South Florida local Jensen Callaway smacking a backside lip early morning. PHOTO : DUGAN

The judges hard at work. PHOTO : DUGAN

A smiling Longboard Pro winner Sam Duggan. PHOTO : DUGAN

Open Mens finalist’s (l-r) Dave Hoag, Will Kimball, winner Logan Rad, Joe Ryan and Casey Coote. PHOTO: DUGAN

Masters Pro finalists (l-r) Joe Ryan, winner Will Kimball, Dave Hoag and Kent Compayre. PHOTO : DUGAN

Mens Pro finalists (l-r) Daniel Glenn, Coby Gittner, winner Chauncey Robinsons and Corey Howell. PHOTO : DUGAN

Eco Season Wrap-Up & Summary:

In it’s second season, the Eco Pro Surf Series was able to show the surfing community there is no giving up. Environmental issues, flat spells and having to work around WQS events to cater to their Pro line up presents a whirlwind of challenges and logistical nightmares. But these guys have a solid team behind this grass roots series and they did prevail. Momentum continually builds for these guys, especially headed into season 3 for 2019. New charity partnerships have been spawned including national veterans group Mission 22 for the M22 PRO and a state wide environmental group for the One Lagoon Pro. The Future 6 Pro continues in season 3 and rightfully so as they are the charity group managing the whole series with Eco Pro Chairman, Jim Tolliver, Future 6 Board Vice President Jesse Robinson and F6’s Executive Director, Donny Ottofaro. Even some of the other Future 6 team members were able to drop in and help with tabulation including F6 Board Volunteer Coordinator Erica Marino, F6 Board Promotions Director Kacie Feeley and event production including F6 Board Program Director Steven Abbott and F6 Board President Ben Ricciardi.

Season 2 also had a special guest MC on staff, Shea Lopez. Shea worked directly with Contest Director Randy Nolan on announcements and event organization. Randy and Shea are friends that go way back to the ASP in the 90’s so they of course had a ton of fun all season together. Shea also surfed a few heats at Ponce and in Jupiter and when he was in the water, WSL Florida Pro annoucer, William Kimball, stepped in to help Randy keep the vibes going. Head judges for this past season included Chip Hall, Gordon Lawson and Jeremy Saukel on rotation. As they say, team work makes the dream work!

The 2019 schedule has been released and even BIGGER news came after the Surfing Florida Museum Pro in Jupiter. Shea Lopez Surf Series and Eco Pro Surf Series have combined forces in 2019 collaborating Shea’s Battle for Beach Week and Daytona Beach Week with all three Eco Pro events on schedule. This is the start of would could be a long awaited Florida Pro Tour connecting a point system with divisions and entry fees all mirror imaging each other. Timing couldn’t be any better for this club of surfing event professionals, charity partners and Florida legends. It’s looking like a bright future ahead for the Eco Pro Surf Series’ thanks to a team of reputable guys that are making their mark in Florida’s surfing community and also giving back to charitable causes.

The Eco Pro Surf Series would like to thank their 2018 partners that helped make everything possible and especially sticking by their side through schedule changes including of course Future 6 Helping Hand, Citizens For Clean Water, Surfing Florida Museum, Huey Surf Charters, Surf Taco Jupiter, McCranels Orthodontics, Blueline Paddle and Surf, Caton Hosey Insurance, Island Root Kava Lounge Melbourne, Crowd Control Surfboards, Groundswell Surf Shop, Sushi Jo Juno Beach, Family 561, Ironclad  Digital Marketing, Family 561, Ocean Magic Surf Shop, Catalyst Melbourne, Salty Crew, Nomad Surf Shop, Tom Dugan Eastern Surfing Magazine / @easternsurfmag, Surfrider Foundation’s Brevard and Palm Beach Chapters, FCS, Stance, Nixon, Share the Stoke Foundation, Clever Surfboards and Xcel.

Want to help any ofnthe 2018 benefiting organizations? Check them out at:

Registration opens April 15 at

Battle For Beach Week, May 18 New Smyrna Inlet

Daytona Beach Week, August 2-4, Daytona Beach

Registration opens mid July at

M22 PRO, September 28 Ponce Inlet

Future 6 PRO, October 19 Jupiter Beach

One Lagoon PRO, December 7 Paradise Park Indiatlantic

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