The Eco Pro 2019 Event # 3 Report & Series Points Leaderboard

December 4, 2019 • Competition, East Coast Contests, Eco Pro Surf Series

Photos and captions by Tom Dugan, visit us on Instagram @easternsurfmag

THE HEAT WAS ON through Florida’s first winter swell and the Eco Pro wasted no time taking advantage of south Florida bombs!!!

Eco Pro stop #3, Future 6 Pro at Jupiter Beach, was held Sunday, Nov 17, in solid 5-6’+ north swell. Under some cold, windy, and gloomy conditions plus a king tide with almost no beach to work on, the entire staff was forced to operate under very challenging conditions proving the Eco Pro has the team that walks the walk. This stop’s team included Beach Directors Michael Bloom, Bryan Craig, and Jim Tolliver, Event Directors Donny Ottofaro and Jesse Robinson of Future 6, announcers Travis Ajay and William Kimball, and Judge’s Panel Eddie Guilbeau, Barry Pasonski, Bruce Bernstein and Head Official Jeff Klugael.

The man to beat was Chase Modelski. He surfed with speed and accuracy that took him to the win in both the Men’s AND the Junior Pro Divisions. He is currently first in the ratings for the Junior Pro and second in the Men’s Pro Divisions. PHOTO : DUGAN

The Men’s and Junior Pro were missing a few competitors due to injuries like Tommy Coleman and Logan Kamen opening up opportunities to advance for the other competitors. Junior Pro points leader, Chase Modelski, was in form and brought his A game winning both the Men’s Pro & Junior Pro finals in his own backyard. Men’s Pro points leader, Daniel Glenn, also grabbed another solid result with a 3rd place in Men’s Pro.  Glenn is in position to win back to back titles this season. USA team member and recent gold medal at ISA games winner, Ryan Huckabee, made two finals during the Future 6 Pro weekend earning a 2nd place position in Junior Pro and 4th in Mens Pro. Giorgio Gomez, fresh off a quarter finals result at the WQS Barbados event followed up with a 2nd place in Men’s Pro final.

Last year’s overall winner and this year’s points leader Daniel Glenn did not take home the win but ended up in 3rd place in the Men’s Pro. He only sits 596 points ahead in the ratings with one more event to go. Time will tell if he repeats his win for a second time. PHOTO : DUGAN

Australian WQS competitor and stand out, Amiya Doyle, won a very competitive Women’s Pro final over points leader, Coral Schuster, USA team member Sara Abbott and local ESA standout Sydney Corbitt.

Masters Pro final was stacked, but it was Jupiter local William Kimball edging out Jimmy Blumenfeld, Bryan Craig and points leader Jay Smith. Amateur division winners included Chris Prankun Open Men’s,  Ellie Barimo Open Women’s, Vance Weyandt Boys U12, Sofia Gamboa Girls U12, Tanner Corbitt Boys U16, Sydney Corbitt Girls U16. Thank you to our staff for doing an awesome job in grueling conditions!!

Australian Amiya Doyle has been traveling the world doing events in hopes of making the World Tour. She entered the Women’s Pro and won it with her strong and smooth surfing. PHOTO : DUGAN

The Future 6 Pro is a great example of growth with a supportive line up of sponsors from across the state including Island Root Kava Bar, Surfing’s Evolution and Preservation Foundation, Surf Taco Jupiter, Southern 441 Toyota, Ultra Finish Painting, Crowd Control Surfboards, Ground Swell Surf Shop, and Nomad Surf Shop. Of course, lets not forget this season’s points winners grand prizes are provided by Huey Surf Charters (Mentawai), Metztli Tours (El Salvador), Surf Training Factory, and McCranels Orthodontics.

This contest, thanks to Eco Pro Chairman Jim Tolliver and Future 6 VP Jesse Robinson hitting the pavement, produced some first ever BOOSTER sponsors local to the Jupiter and Treasure Coast areas. These booster sponsors kicked up the pro division purses to stoke out the competitor line up. Special thanks to Konrady  Coring and Cutting, TKO Plumbing, Meyer Lucas Compass Team, Tropical Waters Pool Services, Laid Right Flooring, Juno Beach Mobil and Matthias Fretz Real Estate for adding something extra special to the Future 6 Pro.

There were a few nice size sets for the event and Matthew Glenn made sure he got his share on his way to a equal fifth in the Men’s Pro. PHOTO : DUGAN

Future 6 Pro stop #3 results brought to you by Surfing’s Evolution and Preservation Foundation:

Men’s pro

1. Chase Modelski

2. Giorgio Gomez

3. Daniel Glenn

4. Ryan Huckabee

5. Jensen Callaway

5. Matthew Glenn

Florida surfer Giorgio Gomez put up quite a fight in the Men’s Pro, almost taking the top spot, but with an on fire opponent he ended up in second place. PHOTO : DUGAN

Junior Pro

1. Chase Modelski

2. Ryan Huckabee

3. Reef Coote

4. Tanner Corbitt

Ryan Huckabee had a good showing grabbing a second in the Junior Pro and a fourth in the Men’s Pro. Ryan mid full wraparound. PHOTO : DUGAN

Women’s Pro

1. Amiya Doyle

2. Coral Schuster

3. Sara Abbott

4. Sydney Corbitt

With a King Tide affecting the beach with an ocassional wash thru, the judges, staff and announcers were backed up way into the dunes. Not the best place to be, but with hardly any beach left it was the only call. PHOTO : DUGAN

Masters pro

1. William Kimball

2. Jimmy Blumenfeld

3. Bryan Craig

4. Jay Smith

The beach scene with the Men’s Junior Pro Finalists headed for the surf. PHOTO : DUGAN

Open Men’s

1. Chris Prankun

2. Casey Coote

3. Eduardo Roure

4. Jimmy Blumenfeld

Eduardo Roure, 3rd Opens mens. PHOTO: DUGAN

Open Women’s

1 Ellie Barimo

2. Ana Pacca

3. Sydney Corbitt

4. Salome Abegar

5. Audrey Rasmussen

Women’s Pro Winners. Photo Courtesy Eco Pro 

Boys U17

1. Tanner Corbitt

2. Justin Shaw

3. Nick Bieber

Girls U17

1. Sydney Corbitt

2. Audrey Rasmussen

Boys U13

1. Vance Weyandt

2. Grady Love

3. Reef Coote

4. Merrick Prankun

Boys Under 13 Winners. Photo: Courtesy Eco Pro 

Girls U13

1. Sofia Gamboa

2. Summer Bistyga


1. Jake Fisher

2. Malia Tolliver

Points Leader Board brought to you by Surf Taco Jupiter. Eco Pro updated points ratings going into season finale @ Paradise Park Dec 7 or 8 with 3 of 4 results countng towards final adjusted ratings.

Men’s pro

1. Daniel Glenn           2,466

2. Chase Modelski     1,810

3. Tommy Grooms     1,537

4. Josh Nicastro         1,531

5. Ryan Huckabee      1,385

6. Matthew Glenn       1,184

7. Tommy Printess     1,142

8. Giorgio Gomez          900

8. Jesse Heilman          900

8. Corey Howell             900

11. Matthew Zaccaria  729

11. Eros Exharo             729

13. Jensen Callaway    656

13. Hunter Roland         656

15. Cobie Gittner           531

15. Kedren Ferrero        531

15. Garrett Service        531

Junior Pro

1. Chase Modelski      2,000

2. Ryan Huckabee       1,800

3. Reef Coote               1,620

4. Braeden Kopec        1,000

5. Blake Kantack             900

6. Ben Wingate                810

7. William Dean               729

7. Tanner Corbitt             729

Women’s pro

1. Coral Schuster      1,629

2. Salome Abegar     1,312

3. Amiya Doyle           1,000

3. Haley Watson        1,000

3. Kayla Darden         1,000

6. Zoe Benedetto          900

7. Sara Abbott               810

7. Bree Labiak               810

9. Sidney Corbitt           729

10. Mya Sniadach         656

10. Ellie Barimo             656

Masters Pro

1. Jay Smith                    2,041

2. Jimmy Blumenfeld    1,900

3. Bob Lindsly                 1,385

3. Shane Suefert            1,385

5. William Kimball          1,000

5. Kent Compayre          1,000

7. Matt Dayton                  900

7. Stephon Nipple            900

9. Brian Craig                    810

10. Ricky Grimson            810

Open Men’s

1. Tommy Printess       2,187

2. Jay Smith                  2,087

3. Casey Coote             1,800

4. Icah Wilmot              1,000

4. Chris Pranckun        1, 000

6. Bob Lindsly                  810

6. Eduardo Roure             810

6. CJ Ilano                        810

9. Jimmy Blumenfeld.    729

10. Ty Jansen                  729

Season finale stop #4, One Lagoon Pro at Paradise Park in Indiatlantic Beach, is set for the weekend of December 7-8. To register, visit

See you there for the fireworks!

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