The Weird Nixon Invitational Gets Weird in Virginia Beach

July 25, 2017 • East Coast Contests

Written by Jeff Myers — What do you get when you pull together a community’s top surfing talent on a sunny Saturday in Virginia Beach to compete on a handful of Jon Pyzel’s custom surfboards, built in all sorts of wacky shapes, colors, and sizes? “The Weird Event,” an invitational competition brought to you by our dear friends at Nixon.

The who, what, when, and WTF: A very unique event shared over some fun little surf, heaps of laughter, and a handful of ice-cold beverages, The Weird gathered at 3rd Street on July 15th, 2017. Award ceremonies continued at “The Shack” over even more celebratory beverages and a tremendous mound of pizzas courtesy of Nixon. This winner-take-all competition gifted one lucky human $1,000 dollars as well as top prizes for the “most radical maneuver” and “weirdest award.”

With two- to occasionally three-foot surf on hand and assists courtesy of a Wavestorm soft-top longboard that was found lying around the event site, there were many highlights. Memorable candidates and weird maneuvers that followed were shared by the likes of Jason Borte, Bryce Humphrey, Grady Kenner, Lucas Rogers, Mikey Melchiorre, Tyler Bohn, Philip Goold, Sebastian Moreno, Laird Myers, Ryan Leopold, Chris Culpen, Barry Price, and so on — this event was literally stacked with VB’s finest surfing talent.

Alex Burdett and Weirdest Award winner Bryce Humphrey embody the spirit of The Weird Nixon Invitational. Photo: Rick Leopold

The criteria for this competition was as weird as the surfboards ridden. Competitors pulled straws to see which board they would ride, sharing shapes was encouraged heat for heat, and the meat of each rider’s score was based on sheer creativity, style, maneuvers, and weirdness. Highlight maneuvers came mostly from Wavestorm assists with transfers, finger flips, 360 air transfers, shuv-its and Jason Borte’s perfect 10 for the most radical maneuver of the event, a rail turn in the pocket on a board that wasn’t truly made to redirect (and certainly not in the fashion of J’s power, style, and precision). It was the most talked-about maneuver of The Weird, hands down. “Such an epic crew,” Borte said. “I didn’t imagine I’d see that group of local rippers assembled in one place short of maybe for my funeral. And they came out for knee-high dribblers. I absolutely love those guys!”


Philip Goold helps Jason Borte capture an epic and Weird Virginia Beach barrel. Photos: Ricky Jimenez

The boys took creativity to a whole ‘nother level with the small surf gifted for the event, with nonstop laughs and one-ups shining through this entire event. At days’ end, combos were linked, bombs were dropped, cold beverages were consumed, laughter was shared, prizes were awarded, and Pungo’s very own Lucas Rogers got $1,000 in cold hard cash. The event’s “most radical maneuver” went to Jason Borte, who gave an absolute clinic on how to surf on alternative wave crafts, winning one of Nixon’s Special Edition timepieces. Bryce Humphrey won the “weirdest award” unanimously for preforming in heat 12 stark naked for 90% of his performance. ” All the boys were flaring!” Bryce said. “I wish the waves were better, but it didn’t stop everyone from shredding, laughing, or getting naked! Big shout out to Nixon, Pyzel, the sexy judges, and of course Mr. Brad Beach! I was stoked to be a part of it.” Honorable mention goes to “Seabass” for that unbelievable ski ride.

Brad Harrell on one of many of Jon Pyzel’s Weird creations. Photo: Ricky Jimenez

No joke, this was truly a weird event and most definitely one of the most fun I have ever had the good fortune of partaking in. Big ups to the family at Nixon for hosting such a radically unique event, Jon Pyzel for shaping all of these innovative wave crafts, Brett, Brad, and Dillon at Team Nixon, Beach Bully for our lunch grinds, The Shack for hosting the award ceremony, and the kick-ass surf community in Virginia Beach for showcasing incredible skills and hospitality for this awesome event.

Mikey Melchiorre goes for the noseride high five. Photo: Ricky Jimenez

Keep your eyes peeled for Jeffrey O’Neil’s edit of this event — surely a must-watch classic!


  1. Lucas Rogers, $1,000
  2. Jason Borte
  3. Sebastian Moreno
  4. Philip Goold
  5. Tyler Bohn
  6. Bryce Humphrey

Philip Goold. Photo: Rick Leopold


Jason Borte


Bryce Humphrey

Ryan Leopold and friend. Photo: Rick Leopold

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