Totally Sweet! 5K Purse At The 4th Annual 2017 The Salty Sweet Is The Cherry On Top For This Trail Blazing Right Coast Event

October 23, 2017 • East Coast Contests

Story and Captions by Tom Dugan

The 4th annual Salty Sweet Surf Contest went down in what could only be described as gorgeous, not-quite-summer-humid sunshine in the low 90’s with a cooling ocean breeze and still trunkable water. This highly successful and well attended all women’s event, which earned ESM’s Best New Contest accolade in 2014, promised a memorable 2 days of surfing, great weather and a sweet purse of five grand!

And all involved delivered on all fronts once again making this dynamic comp one of the best on the east coast no matter the gender and the premier contest to help showcase how far and fast our east coast women’s talent has risen and where it is going into the future.

And that is up, way up.

With great enthusiasm from event organizer Crystal Cooper, an accomplished top women’s surfer herself and the owner of Salty Sweet Clothing, the call went out that the weekend of fun and surf was “on”. The contest was held bright and early Saturday morning on the south side of the iconic Canaveral Pier in Cocoa Beach, one of the surfing worlds most iconic and historical venues in existence.

The world famous Canaveral Pier was the sight for the 2017 Salty Sweet contest and did not disappoint with consistent, contestable waves in the two to four foot range throughout the weekend. Photo: Mez

Crystal made sure there were photographers, announcers, judges, tabulators, trophies, vendors,  food, t-shirts, hats and every item necessary to hold a successful competition including a hefty purse of $5,000, rivaling most any contest held on the east coast these days.

With that kind of cash up for grabs it all but ensured the girls would surf hard and at a high level to get a slice of the cake. Both days offered choppy, but consistent, conditions holding tight in the 2 to 4 ft range with a few overhead sets thrown in.

Salty Sweet owner and event organizer Crystal Cooper and Longboard winner Jazmine Dean, $1000.00 check she added some extra sugar in the amount of an additional $750.00 check for her second place in the pro shortboard making her the weekends biggest money winner. Photo: Duce

The divisions ranged from under 10 push-in to over 50 shortboard.

The crowd favorite was the under ten push-in that had some spectacular wipeouts and great rides, but the stoke on their faces when they completed a ride was priceless.

The most impressive and anticipated divisions to watch, however, were the women’s long and short board pros tilts.

The heats to qualify for those hotly contested, marquee brackets were scattered throughout the first day with the pro finals big crescendo of the Salty Sweet at the end of day two.

The 11 to 13 yr olds heading out. There was surf and power to be had over the weekend. Photo: Dugan

The longboard final was interrupted by a six foot brown shark that had been in the area chasing fish all day but got hungry around five and was darting around and jumping after the schooling bait. However, that didn’t stop top money winner Jazmine Dean from taking a first place in longboard and a second place in shortboard; grabbing $1750 to take home.

First Place Salty Sweet Pro Longboard Jazmine Dean hangs five to victory. Photo: Dugan

If you live and surf in Florida you never dismiss a shark sighting but you also learn how not to panic and keep a “third eye” to look out for yourself as well as any of your surfing mates when they occasionally cruise into the line-up.

The short board final was held around dead high tide late Sunday afternoon and saw the girls surfing clean, punchy shore break conditions. With all the action being right up front, the crowd cheered the girls on, no doubt inspiring them to give it all they had.

Pro winner Eva Woodland matched every finalist wave for wave and came out the top of the pack. Her great surfing all weekend paid off with a check for $1000.00. Photo: Dugan

And inspire they did with this final clash of the two day affair pitting top talents Eva Luna and Jazmine Dean who went head to head, wave for wave, with Ava eventually taking the win for a $1,000 payday, Jazmine taking second and with Braidyn Cunningham and Avery Aydelotte placing 3rd and 4th respectively.

It was a great weekend and we recommend not missing it next year. Big thanks go out to all that helped make the event a rousing success.

2017 Salty Sweet Final Results ( and please scroll down through the results below for even more great photos ! )

The Supreme Title 50 And Up Shortboard

1.Sue Dewerff

2. Robin Fowler

3. Jade Wong

Carl Coddington Insurance 50 And Up Longboard

1. Missy Barley

2. Christine Ryba

2. Sue Jowers

The Florida Key Lime Pie 30 – 49 Longboard

1. Nicole De Mars

2. Shannon Reichel

3. Sue Christman

The CB Explorerer Mag 30 – 49 Shortboard

1. Joy Anderson

2. Debbie Walker

3. Sue Christman

The Sam Art 19 – 29 Shortboard

1. Kia Mc Cutcha

2. Nicole Golden

3. Misty Burnett

Final heat of the day with the Woman’s Pro waiting on the starting buzzer. Photo: Dugan

Exceptional Surfers 19-29 Longboard

1. Skye Cronjie

2. Dallas Gilbert

3. Kyra Corta

High performance surfing was the norm over the weekend. Faith Patten making her statement in the CB Health 14-18 Short Board. Photo: Dugan

The CB Health And Fitness 14 – 18 Shortboard

1. Sara Mc Farlane

2. Faith Patten

3. Amelia Falzo

The Barefoot Designs 14 – 18 Longboard

1. Amelia Falzo

2. Gabbt Viorel

3. Sara Mc Farlane

Amelia Fazio styling into a win in the Barefoot Designs 14 to 18 Longboard and also grabbing a third place in the CB Health and Fitness 14 to 18 shortboard. Not bad for a weekend surfing with your friends and hanging out on the beach enjoying beautiful, early Florida Fall weather. Photo: Dugan

Citizens Wellness Spa 11-13 Shortboard

1. Bree Smith

2. Maddie Franz

3. Ava Drusch

Bree Smith surfed above her years. She is one to watch as she grows up. Photo: Dugan

The 11-13 Longboard

1. Maddie Franz

2. Ava Drusch

3. Kali Netzley

The CB Music 10 & Under Paddle-In

1. Kylie Palcini

2. Niya Rosen

3. Kora Passarelli

Claiming a third place finish in the 10 and under was Kora Passarelli. Photo: Dugan

The Fat Donkey 10 & Under Push-In

1. Lani Rodriguez

2. Guren Freeman

3. Nadia Tedder

South Florida surfer Avery Aydelotte headed north and made the finals to the tune of a third place and a $500.00 check to take home Avery is always one to watch and will most likely will be in the heat of a finals battle every time. Photo: Dugan

Salty Sweet Pro Shortboard

1. Eva Luna             $1000

2. Jazmine Dean     $750

3. Avery Aydelotte      $500

4. Braidyn Cunningham $250

Braidyn Cunningham drove down from Jacksonville and ended up a finalist posting a 4th place and grabbing a $250.00 check. Photo: Dugan

Salty Sweet Pro Longboard

1. Jazmine Dean $1000

2. Kat Neff $750

3. Lauren McLean $500

4. Mia Larson $250

Mia Larson with a cheater five close to the pier helped her take home $250.00 and a fourth place in the Longboard Woman’s Pro. Photo: Dugan

Salty Sweet Pro Woman’s Finalist from Left to Right : Braidyn Cunningham, Avery Aydelotte, Jazmine Dean, Eva Woodland. Photo: Duce

10 and under push in winner Lani Rodriguez styling to the beach. Photo: Dugan

West coast Florida surfer Michelle Kienien fresh home from Panama where she teaches Yoga and Surfing decided to enter the contest and turn a few heads with turns like this one Saturday morning. Photo: Dugan

ESM Photographer Jim “Duce”  Smith was hired to cover the event by promotor Crystal Cooper and he was everywhere. Here Ducer getting the shot of the 10 and under finalist. Photo: Dugan

The girls where going for it every wave they caught. Days McCart on a nice overhead wave eyeing the lip. Photo: Dugan

Woman’s Pro contestants heading out. Photo: Dugan

Madaline Zeuli did not make the finals but she sure was turning heads with moves off the top like this during the comps first day of qualifying heats. Photo: Dugan