Fun In The Sun At The 4’th Annual Villon Locals Only Contest With Bonus Photo Gallery!

February 19, 2018 • East Coast Contests

Story, captions and principal photography by Tom Dugan

Four years ago Mark Quavillon, owner of Villon Clothing decided it was time to give back to the local community and started a yearly event encompassing surfing, skating, and beach runs. Over the past four years the Locals Only Surf Festival has grown in size and participation. The two day event has been blessed every year with head high waves or bigger and this year was all time. Starting both days around 7:30 in the morning at Pelican Beach Park, Satellite Beach, Florida, the waves and tide along with the wind cooperated and the talent level was higher than ever.

Weekend crowd or contest crowd? The Locals Only surf contest for the fourth year in a row saw overhead waves and over eighty degree temperatures for both days . Not bad for February. Photo: Dugan

Some of the highlights of the event were the Presti sisters Rachel and Audrie taking home first place trophies in their divisions with Rachel winning the Women’s Pro. William Hedleston at only 13 years old won every single heat in both divisions he signed up for. Not only victories in the Boys 15 and Under, and the Juniors 18 and under, but he posted a 9.6 & 9.8, the highest scores of the event.

This kid was on a roll all weekend. William Heldeston was the only surfer to win EVERY heat he surfed in two divisions, winning Boy’s 15 and under and the Juniors 18 and under on the way posting the highest heat score with a 9.6 and a 9.8. Photo: Dugan

With the waves and weather being good both days hitting around 84 degrees the beach stayed packed with full attention going to what was happening in the water. There was a parking lot full of vendors including an array of artisans, assorted crafts and some great food trucks with one of the event sponsors Long Doggers serving up hot dogs and cold beers.

Keep on food truckin’! Photo: David Pritzker /

The event finished up around 4:00 p.m.on Sunday with most of the spectators staying around to applaud the winners. Along with medals, the 1st place  winners were given $80 gift certificates from the Longboard Surf Shop in Indialantic. To sweeten the pot even more, checks from Villon were given to the 1st place winners. Blake Speir took home a $1,000.00 check for winning the Men’s Pro. In Men’s Longboard, Austin Hollinshead, fresh back from California, took home a first while Maddy Malizia took first in Women’s. Both received  $500.00 checks for their efforts. Kieran Grant absolutely ripped his way to a first in the SUP Division and North Carolina staple turned Floridian Dean McManus won Legends.

Men’s Pro Winner Blake Speir has surfed the brake many times giving him a bit of home town advantage and confidence to totally smash the lip to pieces. Photo: Dugan

A big thanks goes out to all the sponsors, volunteers, and judges who all made the Locals Only Surf Festival a success for its’ fourth year.  We are already looking forward to year number five.

Blake with his winnings. Photo: Dugan

Another local who surfs the break all the time is Jonathan Wallhouser throwing one up and over. Photo: Dugan

One to always watch out for is Eddie Guilbeau. He made the best with every wave he caught but the ocean was not on his side on Sunday and he fell just short of making the finals but not without a few bright moments along the way. Photo: Dugan

Women’s Pro 1,2,3, with Rachel Presti coming out on top and $500.00 bucks richer. Photo: Dugan

Rachel Presti snapping thru the shore break Sunday morning on her way to the finals and a win in the Women’s Pro. Photo: Dugan

Area venders took over the parking lot and presented unique items for all to either purchase or to eat. Photo: Dugan

Kyle Brainard surfed loose and fast thru out the event. He’s as local as they get and the reason the event was created to give surfers a chance to shine in at there home break. Photo: Dugan

Eleven o’clock backside by Darian Pitcher. Photo: Dugan

Over the last few years Austin Hollinshead has really up his longboard game. He’s back in Florida after living in California for a bit so maybe his time out west helped to hone his skills. Not sure what helped him but his surfing is way ahead of the pack and got him to a first in Pro Longboard and a $500.00 check. Photo: Dugan

Longboard winners. Photo: Dugan

Vero beach’s Logan Hayes lives close enough to be considered a local. Another person who fell to a wave starved heat. Photo: Dugan

Kieran Grant was totally ripping in all heats. He told ESM that he sort of gave up surfing events and has switched over to doing SUP contest. If you get a chance to see him out, stop and take a look. Photo: Dugan

Fifteen and under finalist’s. Photo: Dugan

New to Florida for only a few years by way of North Carolina, Dean McManus surfed a tough heat but was the winner in the end taking home a first in Legends. Photo: Dugan

Legends 40 and over winners. Photo: Dugan

Past winner and longtime finalist Corey Howell was surfing good but he also was on the wrong side of the wave’s. Having trouble finding enough good ones to advance a win was not in the cards for Cory this time. Photo: Dugan

The sign say’s it all : Pete Harwood, model surfboards & surf art. Photo: Dugan

Long time Brevard County Fl. ripper Sean Tubbs only made two heats but was in top form and surfing with power and grace. Hope to see more from Sean in contest down the road. Photo: Dugan

Kyle Brainard was ripping thruout the contest like there was no tomorrow. He rode a bit wider and shorter surfboard but was precise in his maneuvers and execution heat after heat. Could someone please get him sponsored? Photo: Dugan

Another person who should be sponsored but is not Madaline Zeuli rips every time she surfs. Again not getting enough good wave get’s you eliminated but looking at this photo you can see she did’t go down without a fight. Photo: Dugan

Locals Only line-up. Photo: David Pritzker /

Results For The 4’th Annual Locals Only Contest:

U-12 Groms:

1. Logan Radd

2. Corbin Buckley

3. Abby Yates

Boys 12-14:

1. William Hedelston

2. Logan Radd

3. Dylan Seaman

Girls U-17:

1. Audrey Presti

2. Bree Smith

3. Abby Yates


1.William Hedelston

2 Kyle Brainard

3 John Walhauser


1. Dean Mc manus

2. Ricky Grimson

3. Anthony “Spanky” Passerelli