ESA-Southern New England District Spring Championships

April 14, 2017 • East Coast Contests

After almost one week of big, unruly surf, the ocean settled down for competitors at the ESA-Southern New England District New England Spring Championships, held April 8th-9th. Surfers still had to contend with heavy offshore winds up to 40 knots, which provided a challenge for many riders. “The stiff offshore conditions made it difficult to drop down the wave faces,” said ESA-SNE District Competition Director Mario Frade. “But if you were in the right spot, there were some outstanding rides to be had.”

This was evident in the premiere division, Open Shortboard, where local hotshot, Lily Gartner put the boys to shame, topping a stacked heat of New England’s best. She did it on her second wave of the final heat, tearing up a left peak that shot her almost across the entire south parking lot. Jayden Parry came on strong at the end, grabbing a pitching right peak, but it was not enough to top Gartner for the title. Lily continued to have an outstanding outing, winning both the Girls Under 16 and Junior Women’s Longboard finals.

Jayden Parry got the Outstanding Wave of the Contest award, winning Junior Longboard and Junior Men’s. Photo: Lisa Haase

Jayden Parry got the “Outstanding Wave of the Contest” award when he trimmed out on a perfect right slide that reeled off for what seemed like an eternity to the judges in the Junior Longboard final. Parry’s flawless riding got him the highest point totals of the entire event and the win over John McGeough. Jayden also won the Junior Men’s division.

There were several other noteworthy results in various age divisions. Luke Allen won his second straight contest in the Menehune category. Jarrett Parker returned from a decade-long hiatus, winning both the Masters and Men’s Longboard crowns. Newcomer Ray Way topped Chris Herbert with some nice noseriding to win the Masters Longboard final, and Noah Gartner picked off two nice right peaks to win the Boys Under 14 division, repeated that win in Menehune Longboard.

Jamie Kelly won Men’s, got 2nd in Men’s Longboard, and finished 3rd in Open Shortboard. Photo: Lisa Haase

The next ESA competition scheduled is the 2017 ESA Northeast Regional Surfing Championships, to be held in Belmar, NJ, on May 19th-21st. This is an invitational contest for the top finishers from 2016 and will determine invitations to the Eastern Surfing Championships in Cape Hatteras, NC, in September. The next local surfing competition scheduled is the annual New England Longboard Championships at Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts, on June 11th.

Final Results of the 2017 ESA New England Spring Championships, held in 2-4 foot surf at the Narragansett Town Beach on April 8th, 2017

MENEHUNES 1. Luke Allen

BOYS UNDER 14 1. Noah Gartner

BOYS UNDER 16 1. John McGeough

JUNIOR MEN 1. Jayden Parry

GIRLS UNDER 14 1. Sophia Martino

GIRLS UNDER 16 1. Lily Gartner 2. Ella Fontenot

MENS 1. Jamie Kelly 2. Mick Jabs

MASTERS 1. Jarrett Parker 2. Chris Herbert


MENEHUNE LONGBOARD 1. Noah Gartner 2. Sophia Martino

JUNIOR LONGBOARD 1. Jayden Parry 2. John McGeough


MENS LONGBOARD 1. Jarrett Parker 2. Jamie Kelly

MASTERS LONGBOARD 1. Ray Way 2. Chris Herbert


OPEN BODYBOARD 1. Pat Redmond 2. Peter Pan

OPEN SUP 1. Peter Pan

OPEN SHORTBOARD 1. Lily Gartner 2. Jayden Parry 3. Jamie Kelly 4. Jarrett Parker 5. Nick Jabs 6. Noah Gartner 7. Sophia Martino

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