The Battle Of The Beach 6 Storms Matunuck, RI

October 8, 2017 • East Coast Contests

Second place finisher in the Battle Of The Beach 6 longboard bracket, Matt Nota, sets up a fun one at Mary’s, Matunuck, Rhode Island. Photo: Ted Sorlein

By Conrad Ferla:

Christmas came early this year for the participants of the Battle of the Beach 6.

Not only did September 23rd bring a perfect, sunny day to the event site at the Ocean Mist bar and grill in Matunuck, RI, but the contestants really lucked out with Mary’s Point breaking clean with offshore winds and well groomed, shoulder high sets.

“Sultan of Stoke,” Conrad Ferla, once again successfully united the local surf community with fellow surf clans from around the region. New Jersey’s Ben “Gravy” Graeff from Nub TV was in attendance, vlogging and riding swans in the shore-pound and doing all those crazy things he does for his growing on-line audience. DJ Blade Mon spun tunes to set the mood. Pro surfer Christian Fletcher, came to check out the scene, and did everyone a favor when he cleared the area of the surfing hordes all wanting a piece of what Mary was offering out in the line-up. The whole crowd cheered when Fletcher paddled out and ran water patrol and moved everyone to other parts of the generous expanse of the Matunuck wave field.

( L-R ) Christian Fletcher, Sid Abrruzzi and artist Peter Glann who did the paint job on this Chemistry surfboard along with the event poster. Photo: Andrew Doheny

Other notable attendees this year included pro surfer, Andrew Doheny, as a guest-judge. Battle of the Beach logo artist, Peter James Glenn, was on-hand, painting custom art on the boards of a few lucky surfers.

Of course, all of the usual suspects were in attendance with The Man, The Myth, The Legend  –  as well as an East Coast Surfing Hall Of Fame inductee -Peter Pan who ran the tabulations; Sid Abruzzi, Curtis Niles, Colin Hynes, Cheyne Cousens, and Matt Fraza judged the surfing. Last but not least, Mario Frade kept said judges in line.

Another East Coast Hall Of Famer on hand was Sid Abrruzzi who also lent a helping hand on the judges stand while prepping for his upcoming Water Brothers Pro 2 with it’s back-to-back, two weekend’s in a row waiting period starting next Saturday, October 14th and 15th, just over the Claireborn Pell bridge in neighboring Newport, RI. Photo: Ted Sorlein

The all-day event packed in 49 heats over 6 divisions and culminated at dusk with an award ceremony where the prizes given out (including 11 surfboards!) totaled more than $25k!

This year’s featured division was a “Shaper’s Twin Fin Challenge,” a new concept where each talented shaper involved created a board to be used during the competition and to later be awarded as a prize. Shapers from all over the country jumped at the challenge with top quality labels like Rozbern, Soundings Surf Co, Crowd Control, Vec, Natti, Omen, Chemistry, Superbrand, and Tora Surfboards helping out the cause. Catch Surf and Bic Sports also donated boards for the groms. The stoke level was high to say the least.

Grom’s go wild with Kai Sorlein performing his over the falls swan song at Battle Of The Beach 6, Matunuck, Rhode Island. Photo: Ted Sorlein.

Speaking of stoke, a special award was given this year in honor of beloved fallen legend, Edgar Logee. This honor was bestowed upon Lisa Gartner for always giving back to her community and consistently setting a fine example of “pure stoke.”

Thank you, Lisa and special thanks to the many sponsors, shapers and volunteers who so generously donated their boards, products and time to make Battle of the Beach 6 another one for the books!

Ed Logee award winner, Lisa Gartner and Peter Pan were among the local volunteers making The Battle one to remember. Photo: Ted Sorlein


The stacked judging panel with some of New England’s finest legends including ( left to right ) Mario Frade, contest reporter Conrad Ferla, Curt Niles and Matt Fraza with the perfect vantage point off the back deck of the equally as legendary Ocean Mist bar overlooking the waves of Matunuck and which is one of the truly great surfers hang-outs anywhere on the east coast. Photo: Ted Sorlein


Steve Torissi manning the schwag hut and handing out the huge cache of prizes. Photo: Ted Sorlein


Battle Of The Beach Division Winners:

Mens Longboard Final:

1)   James Contreras
2)   Matt Nota
3)   Kevin Langevin

Ladies Longboard Final:

1)   Maria Barend
20  Ana Barend
3)   Lily Gartner


Ladies Longboard Division. Photo: Ted Sorlein

Groms Shortboard Open:

1)   Brayden Bennett
2)   Sophia Martino
3)   Kai Sorlein


Groms Longboard Open:

1)   Noah Gartner
2)   Page Hedde
3)   Jake Carbone


Shortboard Open Final:

1)   Josh Hedde
2)   Maria Barend
3)   Jack Jones



Shortboard open winner Josh Hedde, Battle Of The Beach 6, Matunuck, Rhode Island. Photo: Ted Sorlein


Shapers Twin Fin Challenge:

1)   Maria Barend
2)   Allen Santucci
3)   Scott Hayward


BOTB 6 Video Recap by the Cvrrent-