9th Annual Ohana Surf Shop Single Fin Showdown

March 22, 2017 • East Coast Contests

TURF: 9th Annual Ohana Single Fin Showdown to benefit Brooke Thabit; Stuart Public Beach. Stuart, FL; Saturday, March 11th

The contest site for the 9th Annual Ohana Single Fin Showdown and Shore.Lb Finless Showdown. Photo: Mark Hill

ENERGY: The positive vibes were flowing from the Skim USA and Shore.Lb Finless Showdown crew as well.  The contestants proved their worth on vintage ’60s and ’70s single-fin shortboards randomly selected for them. As always, the beach was standing room only and the surfers were ripping.

Photo: Mark Hill

SLIDE: The Annual beach party/contest raised $8,500 for local girl Brooke Thabit. Brooke was paralyzed four years ago diving into shallow water. With help from the rad individuals that show up every year, she is now enrolled at Savannah College of Art and Design and making huge strides toward total independence.

Brent Meinhold raised $450 for Brooke by shaving his head. Photo: Mark Hill

Randy Bubla before shaving his two-year-0ld beard off to support Team Brooke… Photo: Mark Hill

And after the shave. You’re a good man, Randy! Photo: Mark Hill

THE MAN: The Joog Squad kept the kids stoked and “Sorry Mrs.” Jackson Fenney was the event’s Ironman, tearing up Shortboard, Longboard (on a Wavestorm), and Skim divisions.


Push In finalists Brody Greinstein and Cooper Herber. Photo: Mark Hill

1. Brody Greinstein
2. Cooper Herber
3. Liam Fowler

Push In 3rd-place finisher Liam Fowler. Photo: Mark Hill

1. Kannon King
2. Cole Maloy
3. Clover Defilippis

Grom finalists Kannon King and Clover Defilippis. Photo: Mark Hill

1. Ylan Abeger
2. Curren Schwartz
3. Simon Abeger

Juniors finalists Ylan Abeger, Curren Schwartz, and Simon Abeger. Photo: Mark Hill

Men’s Shortboard winner Brent Meinhold. Photo: Mark Hill

Men’s Shortboard 2nd-place finisher Hunter Roland. Photo: Mark Hill

Men’s Shortboard finalists Brent, Hunter, and Pat at the afterparty/awards ceremony. Photo: Mark Hill

1. Brent Meinhold
2. Hunter Roland
3. Pat Kelley

Senior Men’s finalists Chase Robertson, Jason Baldwin, and Justin Baker. Photo: Mark Hill

1. Chase Robertson
2. Jason Baldwin
3. Justin Baker

3rd-place Masters finisher Alex Rivera. Photo: Mark Hill

Masters winner Phil Magliochetti and runner-up AJ Defilippis. Photo: Mark Hill

1. Phil Magliochetti
2. AJ Defilippis
3. Alex Rivera

Masters winner Phil Magliochetti and Men’s Longboard 3rd-place finisher Garret Spencer share a special Single Fin Showdown moment. Photo: Mark Hill

Men’s Longboard winner Patrick Kelly, cruising to a win. Photo: Mark Hill

Patrick Kelly and Justin Baker. Photo: Mark Hill

1. Pat Kelly
2. Justin Baker
3. Garrett Spencer

Women’s Shortboard finalists Salome Aberger, Faith Patterson, and Kim Robertson. Photo: Mark Hill

1. Salome Abager
2. Kim Robertson
3. Faith Patterson

Women’s Longboard finalists Hannah Forrest, Rachel De John, and Skyler Magliochetti. Photo: Mark Hill

1. Hannah Forrest
2. Skyler Magliochetti
3. Rachael De John

Photo: Mark Hill

The Citizens For Clean Water crew: Ryan Horn, Angelica, Albanese, Evan Miller, and Krysta and Aiden Marquis. Photo: Mark Hill

Big ups to Ohana Surf Shop owner Jordan Schwartz and his wife Tara for being the masterminds behind the 9th Annual Single Fin Showdown. Photo: Mark Hill

And major props to Shore.Lb Finless Showdown organizer Chris Ellison, as well. Photo: Mark Hill

Jeff Fereshetian with the afterparty tunes. Until next year… Photo: Mark Hill

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