9th Annual Jetty Coquina Jam

August 6, 2017 • East Coast Contests

The 9th Annual Jetty Coquina Jam went down on Sunday, July 30th, at 68th Street in Long Beach Township, NJ. NNE winds produced solid swell and challenging conditions for the 46 female competitors gathered, but they navigated it quite well. After 7+ hours of a feel-good day on the beach filled with food, music, apparel, and plenty more, DanaRose Brown and Morgan Iglay upset Jetty Ambassador Jamie DeWitt and Nicole King for the win.

coquina jam

Morgan Iglay. Photo: Jim Givas

DanaRose Brown. Photo: Jim Givas

The beach was absolutely packed for the 9th Annual Jetty Coquina Jam, and fans, surfers, and event sponsors helped to raise and donate $9,261.41 to David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation, all of which will be allocated to local female cancer patients in need. Check the photos by Jim Givas below.

Allie Panetta. Photo: Jim Givas

Emma Pahlow. Photo: Jim Givas

jetty coquina jam

Jamie DeWitt. Photo: Jim Givas

9th Annual Jetty Coquina Jam finalists Allie Panetta, Julianna Redding, DanaRose Brown, Morgan Iglay, Jamie DeWitt, and Nicole King. Photo: Jim Givas

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