2nd Annual Salty Sweet Pro-Am

October 23, 2015 • East Coast Contests

  • A new dawn and a new day for the 2nd Annual Salty Sweet Pro-Am Surf Contest held for women by women at the iconic Cocoa Beach Pier on Saturday, October 17th. Photo: Adams
  • Todd Holland, who has surfed plenty of heats in this very lineup, shared a little local knowledge with some Salty Sweet competitors on which peak to keep an eye on as the tide filled in. Photo: Adams
  • Salty Sweet teamrider Makaya McCutcheon and fellow competitors wasted no time to taking advantage of the glassy conditions. Photo: Adams
  • Have an all-girls surf contest on a beautiful October day and the spectators will surely turn out to witness the camaraderie each of these ladies shared with one another. Photo: Dugan
  • Unfortunately, the “sharing is caring” motto doesn't really work when you're in a heat, even though April Exline (pink) and Mary Payzant (white) had no problem showing off some impeccable style together. Photo: Dugan
  • Though his apprentice was focused on playing in the sand, this artist's own attention to detail was apparent by the beautiful work of the famous Cocoa Beach Pier he displayed. Photo: Dugan
  • Phil Salick (right) stopped by to pay his compliments and show support to Salty Sweet founder Crystal Cooper (left) on yet another successful event for the ladies. Photo: Adams
  • Despite the small surf, Jazmine Dean maximized her time on the nose with style to defend her Pro Longboard title from 2014. Photo: Dugan
  • Up-and-coming ripper Chalee Holland led the charge as the amateur division headed out for the final heat of the day. Photo: Adams
  • Girl power at its finest. This is what the Salty Sweet Pro-Am is all about as mom gives her daughter the ultimate “you got this” with a little preheat knuckle bump. Photo: Adams
  • Kaylin Compayre was the youngest competitor at only 4 years old. But she stole the hearts of all who watched her shred with poise as the beach erupted after every wave she caught. Photo: Adams
  • No matter what time of year, the man in the grey suit is always around — and this time he thought he'd make a splash in the semifinals keeping everyone on their toes. Thankfully, no one was injured. Photo: Jim Dunn
  • Jazmine Dean was the only girl to make the final in both Pro Shortboard and Pro Longboard, although she didn't complete the clean sweep as she did last year. Photo: Adams
  • And that was because Hannah Blevins relied on her compact size and determination to win in Pro Shortboard, taking 1st in every heat she surfed on her way to victory. Photo: Dugan
  • (Top left) 12 & Under Push finalists Penny Zarczwynski, Bryn Hancock, Kaylin Compayre, Lydia Ferro, Kora Passarelli, and Stella Blu. (Top right) 12 & Under Shortboard finalists Sarah Stotz, Liv Crowley, Emma Binder, Maleah Moon, Gracie Brydges, and Bree Smith. (Bottom right) 13-19 Shortboard finalists Koai Johnson, McKenzie Hester, Taylor Madden, Jasmine Almeda, Chalee Holland, Saylor Werneth. (Bottom left) 12 & Under Longboard finalists Ana David, Sophia David, Bree Smith, Sarah Stotz. Photos: Adams
  • (Top left) 13-29 Longboard finalists Makaya McCutcheon, Autumn Cockrill, Brianna Clark, Amber Stewart, Caroline Kruegar, and Emma Filmore. (Top Right) 30-49 Shortboard finalists Stacey Anderson-Ortiz, Candice Griffin, Shannon Reidel, Nicole Williams, Monica Monsalve, and Debbie Walker. (Bottom right) 50 & Up Longboard finalists Deanna Pichler, Linda Grover, Tracy McLaughlin, and Melody DeCarlo. (Bottom left) And finally, 30-49 Longboard finalists Nicole Williams, Helen Mondesire, Dana Brousseau, Aarin Hartwell, Sandra Goodwin, and Debbie Walker. Photos: Adams
  • 50 & Up Shortboard Finalists Jade Wong, Suzy Dewerff (not pictured), Deanna Pichler, Sandy Weeks, Tracy McLaughlin, and Melody DeCarlo. Photo: Adams
  • Doctor Lawyers Weekend Warriors donated $300 for the Surfer of the Year award to the one lady who has continuously gone above and beyond with her community both in and out of the water. And this year's winner is... Melody DeCarlo! Photo: Adams
  • Pro Longboard Finalists Amanda Giberson, Mary Paine, Kate Easton, and Jazmine Dean. Photo: Adams
  • Pro Shortboard Finalists Britney Hickey, Hailey Dawson, Jazmine Dean, and Hannah Blevins. Photo: Adams

2nd Annual Salty Sweet Women’s Pro-Am Surf Contest, Cocoa Beach Pier, Cocoa Beach, FL; October 17th, 2015

ENERGY: Girls just want to have fun, right? Well, that’s exactly what they did at the 2nd Annual Salty Sweet Pro-Am Surf Contest, even though smaller than desired surf compared to last year rolled in to Cocoa Beach Pier on Saturday, October 17th. But the best energy was on the sand, where positivity flowed freely with smiles in every direction and undeniable support for each competitor at this women’s only surf contest.

FIRST TIME AT FIGHT CLUB: If this is your first taste of something Salty Sweet, then welcome aboard and enjoy the savory flavor! There’s nothing like seeing an event run so well with class and sass from all the ladies involved, starting with Salty Sweet Clothing owner and founder Crystal Cooper, who goes above and beyond the call of duty. As a surfer at heart herself, Crystal made sure every participant had an amazing time at this all-girls shred fest.

SLIDE: Although this year’s surf wasn’t anything like last year’s when Hurricane Gonzalo pumped perfect waves the contest’s way, 2015 was still one for the books with all the ladies both young and wise sharing one common goal: a passion and willingness to support each other from start to finish for the sport they love most. With two Pro divisions and nine Amateur divisions, more than 160 ladies of all ages, from 4 years old to 60, got a taste of competitive surfing in a way unmatched in Central Florida. Though this is not the only “all girls” surf event to be put together on the East Coast, it surely is one that has brought some much-needed attention to the ladies of the sport, who cherished the chance to compete amongst their peers in an arena all their own. Parents, friends, family, and surfing fans were in attendance to witness and share the stoke every one of these ladies displayed both in and out of the water with hopes of nothing more than to be a part of such an amazing event — for women by women.

THE PAIN: This part is usually about the hardships of the event or changing of the guard as a new victor emerges to the podium as the fierce competitiveness motivates these ladies to push each other harder and farther than the previous year. But we’re choosing to focus more on the love we have for one another as surfers and the joys the ocean brings us as we long to be forever connected once we’ve been blessed by its positive vibrations. It’s with a heavy heart that our most sincere condolences go out to the family and friends of Sandy Weeks, as we lost a sister of the sea all too soon due to a tragic accident after the event. Sandy had a beautiful soul and many were driven and inspired by her amazing energy both in and out of the water. You will always be loved and forever missed yet never forgotten — RIP Sandy. Here’s to shredding the eternal wave of the heavens until the day we meet again…

THE WOMAN: It’s hard to point out the one “woman” when this event is all about the “women” of the sport. Instead, one event can bring all that love for surfing to one stage, so we’ll highlight 4-year-old Kaylin Compayre, who had the whole beach cheering her on as she exuded a grin from ear to ear. Or Melody DeCarlo and Debbie Walker sweeping two divisions as two of the most experienced surfers ripping anything they stood up on, alongside the younger Jazmine Dean who almost did the same in her two pro divisions, winning Longboard and finishing 2nd in Shortboard. Hannah Blevins cleaned house by winning every heat on her way to the podium in Pro Shortboard, but “the woman” of the event is the one behind the vision — the one who has the tenacity and the determination to make this longtime dream a reality for the women who share the same passion. So thank you Crystal Cooper for continuing to believe in the Salty Sweet dream by giving these ladies an opportunity to be forever connected, whether it’s their first ride or their last. We should be grateful for women like yourself who are truly inspiring!


1. Jazmine Dean, $1000
2. Kate Easton, $750
3. Mary Paine, $500
4. Amanda Giberson, $250

1. Hannah Blevins, $1000
2. Jazmine Dean, $750
3. Hailey Dawson, $500
4. Brittnay Hickey, $250

1. Stella Blu
2. Kora Passarelli
3. Lydia Ferro
4. Kaylin Compare
5. Bryn Hancock
6. Penny Zarczwynski

1. Bree Smith
2. Gracie Brydges
3. Maleah Moon
4. Emma Binder
5. Liv Crowley
6. Sarah Stotz

1. Sarah Stotz
2. Bree Smith
3. Sophia David
4. Ana David
5. Kira Garvey
6. Sag Parish

1. Saylor Werneth
2. Chalee Holland
3. Jasmine Almeda
4. Taylor Madden
5. McKenzie Hester
6. Kori Johnson

1. Emma Fillrose
2. Caroline Kruegar
3. Amber Stewart
4. Brianna Clark
5. Autumn Cockrill
6. Makaya McCutcheon

1. Debbie Walker
2. MOnica Monsalve
3. Nicole Williams
4. Shannon Reidel
5. Candice Griffin
6. Stacey Anderson-Ortiz

1. Debbie Walker
2. Sandra Goodwin
3. Aarin Hartwell
4. Dana Brousseau
5. Helen Mondesire
6. Nicole Williams

1. Melody DeCarlo
2. Tracy McLaughlin
3. Linda Grover
4. Deanna Pichler

1. Melody DeCarlo
2. Tracy McLaughlin
3. Sandy Weeks
4. Deanna Pichler
5. Suzy DeWerff
6. Jade Wong

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