WHO: In total over 80 contestants competed and many came from from all over the USA including Florida, California, Maine, Great Lakes, and North Carolina.

WHAT: The 22nd Annual Manasquan Classic Longboard Contest was held in perfect three- to four-foot offshore conditions that surprised all the contestants and organizers (except those who knew) as a distant tropical storm had enough fetch to bless the contest with half a day of perfect longboarding conditions.

WHEN: Saturday, September 12th, 2015

WHERE: Manasquan Inlet NJ

WHY: The contest was run by the Manasquan Boardriders Club and contest director, Larry Schmidt, ran a tight ship. There were six divisions including Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Junior Men’s, Junior Women’s, Tandem, and the crowd favorite, Clown Division. The Classic mandates that all contestants use a pre-1967 longboard, which pretty much balances out the field of some of the best longboarders around. This year saw some incredible surfing and included a world longboard contender and Belmar Pro winner, Tony Silvagni, who even on an old log was doing some amazing maneuvers. The contest was a fundraiser for the MBRC, which upon covering the club expenses donated $1,500 to the Manasquan First Aid Company, a natural recipient as ultimately they are the people who are called to patch us up on crowded days at the inlet.

The MBRC was formed to ensure the continuation of the Classic Contest and give back locally to volunteer groups who support surfing and the community at large. The organization saw a large outpouring of sponsorship support from local and national companies who paid sponsorship fees for each division name: Corky Carroll Surf Co / Rice & Brown Architects sponsored the Men’s Division; Salesforce.com covered the Women’s Division; Waterlily Fashions covered the Junior Women’s Division; John McLaughlin covered the Junior Men’s Division; Rooney and Rooney DDS covered the Clown Division (all smiles), and finally, O2 Marketing covered the Tandem Division. Among the notable surfers were Vince Troniec and Mike “Monk” Monroe, both inductees to the New Jersey Surfing Hall of Fame, this year’s ESA East Coast Longboard Champion, Gary Finnegan, and of course Tony Silvagni, who was having too much fun. Tony was scored on a handicapped system (1.5 of total 2 wave score), and remarkably, even with the handicap, Tony placed a close 2nd to local shaper Charles Mencel in a crowded final heat that featured incredible surfing in deteriorating conditions. As the MBRC broke down the contest gear, it started to rain — a perfect finish! Thanks to all sponsors and members who put so much time into a Classic event — see you next year on September 17th, 2016.


1. Emma Krasowski and Aiden Laszlo
2. Dave and Seamus Waltsack
3. Katherine Smith and Ian Bateman
4. Bobby “Q” Howell and Julianne Howell

1. Scott Johns
2. Lorraine Arromondo
3. Devin Peppler
4. Krista Duerr
5. Derek McKenna
6. Joanie “Molehead” Sapienza

1. Emma Krasowski
2. Katherine Smith
3. Paige Pirolo

1. John Valgenti
2. Cole Deveney
3. Matt Wick
4. Jason Brenner
5. Niland Diluchio

1. Ursula Librizzi
2. Joanne Hadley
3. Lorraine Aromondo
4. Krista Duerr
5. Janet Sanderson
6. Kathleen Ebert

1. Charles Mencel
2. Tony Silvagni
3. Paul Schmidt
4. JJ Egan
5. Alex Barlow
6. Gary Finnegan Sr.
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