The 17’th Annual Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Contest went off without a hitch in very contestable, 3-4 foot surf that provided a little something good for everybody from open pro’s and women’s division legends, to legends, longboarder’s, masters, grommets and the tadpoles in their under 10 division and the show stealer of the entire event.

Held at the Flagler Beach Pier, the weather ranged from beautiful, north Florida work-on-your-tan sun to blustery, cold front conditions on Sunday which was welcomed by most all after a long, hot hurricane filled summer that helped kept the waves pumping right through to the Tadpoles finals late Sunday afternoon.

Southside of the Flagler Beach Pier. Photo: Mez


The contest was founded, organized and run by Tommy’s brother Will Tant, who is stepping aside as contest director after this years event, with lot’s of love and assitance from his family and an outsized army of volunteers, surf buddies and goodhearted people wanting to play a part and pay it forward.

This long running event is not just another surf comp.

It’s definitely a family affair and the house was packed for the 2017 Tommy Tant awards ceremony. Photo: Mez


They have raised major funds for food banks, for the under privileged and have provided an abundance of scholarships over the years which have helped innumerable student’s accomplish their scholastic dreams.

Tom, Barbara and Will Tant. Photo: Mez


While the event will miss Will as director he is the type of person who truly inspires people to try and live a one love life and to give of oneself to help others who need a hand up which is really the brilliant, shining essence and at the very heart of this endeavor.

And the Tant Memorial will live on according to Will, so we’ll let him have the last word here in his usual and abundant positivity and unlimited belief that we can all do better by doing unto others  therefore doing better for ourselves.

“While difficult to step down as director of the event, I am confident the contest is in a healthy place to continue to succeed. My parent’s did a fantastic job, especially for their first time running it. All weekend long I also witnessed the community volunteering their time on the event, from setting up banners to packing up the chairs and tables. These are healthy signs. The event remains driven from a place of love, family, community, and surfing, which reflects Tommy and the values he ordered his life according to”.


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The 2017 Tommy Tant Memorial Contest Final Results:

Open Bodyboard

1. Dan Worley
2. Porey Rainey

3. Tyler Dalecki

Grand  Masters

1. Stephan Nipple
2. Bob Lindsley

3. Jay Smith

4. Lynn Harrington

5. David Pamlilio


Ben Lacey, Master Champ. Photo: Mez


1. Ben Lacy

2. Jimmy Blumenfeld

3. Davis Guy

4. J.J. Crane

5. Donovan Killian

Boys & Girls 11 & Under

1. Braeden Kopec
2. Ethan Harbinson

3. Emily Coluccio

4. Kyan O’Rourke

5. Benji Lange

6. Savannah Love

Boys 18 & Under

1. Gavin Coluccio

2. Logan Coluccio

3. Kai Delorenzo

4. Carl Burger

5. Joel Luteran

6. Quinn Higgins


Open Mens Longboard

Open Longboard winner Ryan Conklin. Photo: Dugan

1. Ryan Conklin
2. Saxon Wilson

3. Dylan Prestwood

4. Patrick Conklin

5. Bubba Tyson

6. James Palazzotto

Open Women Longboard

1. Kelsea McCormick
2. Hannah Blevins

3. Emily Skripko

4. Olivia Beaven

5. Isabella Tietje

Girls 17 & Under

1. Emily Coluccio

2. Hannah Blevins

3. Audrey Presti

4. Niyah Rosen

5. Amber Olsen

6. Kelsea McCormick


Grady Love, first place Tadpoles. Photo: Mez


1. Grady Love
2. Rad Ragar

3. Everett Nipper

4. Cash Nipper

5. Aviles Scordigno

6. Jimmy Brittain


legends finalists ( l-r ) Tom Tant, Doug Marsh, Phil Spoerle, Marvin Kinkaid and Sandy Mavino. Photo:Mez


1. Doug Marsh

2. Mark Kincaid

3. Sandy Marino

4. Tom Tant

5. Phil Spoerle

Boys 14 & Under

1. Noah Brownell

2. Carl Burger

3. Logan Coluccio

4. Gavin Coluccio

5. Evan Tyson

6. Joel Luteran


Robbie Mc Cormick, Open Mens winner. Photo: Mez

Open Men

1. Robbie McCormick

2. Jimmy Blumenfeld

3. Ben Lacy

4. Josh Lasalle

5. Evan Brownell

6. Joel Luteran

Junior Pro

1. Evan Brownell
2. Ryan Huckabee

3. CJ Garren

4. Sean O’Neal


Eden Lange,  1st place Womens Pro. Photo: Dugan

Womens Pro

1. Eden Lang

2. Rachel Presti

3. Hannah Blevins

4. Audrey Presti


Mens Pro – Presented by: Florida Hospitals Orthopedic & Sports Medicine

1. Evan Geiselman
2. Michael Dunphy

3. Aaron Cormican

4. Robbie McCormick

Evan Geiselman, 1’st place Mens Pro. Photo: Mez


Womens Pro finalists ( l-r) Eden Lange , Rachel Presti , Hannah Blevins & Audrey Presti. Photo: Dugan


Evan Geiselman, 1’st place Mens Pro. Photo: Mez


Will Tant. Photo: Dugan


2’nd place Womens Pro, Rachel Presti. Photo: Dugan


How do you relax before the women’s Pro finals? Selfie Sisters Rachel Presti ( left ) and Hannah Blevins stay loose working thier Instagram feeds. Photo: Mez


Hannah Blevins, 3’rd place Women’s Pro. Photo: Dugan


Five year old Axel Lacey, Tadpoles division. Photo: Mrs. T


Will Tant and mom Barbara ( in yellow jersey ) , paddle out for Tommy Tant. Photo: Mez


Circle Of Honor. Photo: Mez


( l-r ) Eric Worley, Barbara, Will and Tom Tant with Jimmy Blumenfeld and son. Photo: Mez


Evan Thompson blows up the high tide shorey during Mens Open quarters. Photo: Dugan


Evan Geiselnman. Photo: Mez


Aaron Cormican. Photo: Mez


Announcers Randy Nolan and Travis Ajay with contest support Jeff Clement and Roger Ross. Photo: Mez


Tadpole finalists ( l-r ) Grady Love, Everett Nipper, rad Ragner, Cash Nipper and Jimmy Brittan. Photo: Mez


Cory Howell. Photo: Tom Dugan


Grady Love get’s a push into first place by his pop’s in the Tadpoles, the most entertaining, fun to watch group during the whole event. Photo: Mez


This inside drainer must have looked like Backdoor Pipe to the Tadpoles in their finals heat. Photo: Mez


Tadpoles with Will getting their awards and winner Grady Love with the coveted Volcom Pro Jersey signed by Bruce Irons and Griffin Colapinto. Photo: Mez


Braden Kopec, winner of the Boys and Girls U-11 division. Photo: Mez


Jimmy Blumenfeld, second place Masters and Mens Open divisions. Photo: Dugan


Keeping tabs and the upper deck moving in the right direction East Coast Surfing Hall Of Fame Class of 2016 and ESA All Star For Life, Pam Hill. Photo: Mez


Jasmine Dean. Photo: Dugan


If you didn’t chow down with this bar-b-que you totally blew it!vPhoto: Mez


Eden Lange, first place Women’s Pro. Photo: Mez


Victor Eden Lange and Rachel Presti, 2’nd place, hug it out after going to war during the Women’s Pro final. These two girls kill it! Photo: Mez