2017 ESA Southeast Regionals Presented by Long Doggers

May 7, 2017 • East Coast Contests

The 2017 ESA Southeast Regionals presented by Long Doggers wrapped up on April 23rd. All three days of competition had onshore winds that created less than ideal surfing conditions but provided consistent waves for the making of an exciting event. Scroll down below the photos (all captioned by ESM Co-Founder Dick “Mez” Meseroll) for video highlights from the event plus full results.

The scene of the first of three ESA Regional tilts, the Southeast Championships, with Jennette’s Pier in the Outer Banks (Mid-Atlantic) going on this weekend and then finishing up with Northeast Regionals in Belmar, NJ, in two weeks. Photo: Mez

Raising the flag and setting up on Thursday, April 21st. Photo: Mez

It was a little rough around the edges for Sunday’s finals, but the waves were (as they say) very contestable. Photo: Mez

Junior Men’s Longboard winner Ryan Conklin. Photo: Mez

Beat the clock — and hopefully your opponents. Photo: Dugan

(Left) Keeping it light, Travis Ajay takes his announcing gig seriously. But he also knows three very long days of physical and mental gymnastics always goes smoother with a healthy dose of levity injected into the proceedings. (Right) All business — ESA officials making sure all longboards are of legal length and compliant with the organization’s equipment rules. Photos: Mez

Steve Moldenhauer is a classic guy with classic style who seems to not miss a single session or a good comp, where he usually ends up in the winner’s circle. Here’s “The Wavecaster” cross-stepping his way to a clean five over and a win in the Legends Longboard division and close 2nd in the Grand Masters Longboard tilt. Photo: Mez

Legends Longboard finalists. Hey Steve, your 1st-place trophy plaque is upside down bro! But who can begrudge a happy warrior’s victory elation during the awards presentation. He got it right out in the water and that’s all that matters! Photo: Mez

Jonathan Wallhauser’s straight-up victory in the Junior Men’s U18 division was as scrappy as his well-surfed 2nd-place finish to winner Ryan Conklin in the Junior Longboard final. Photo: Dugan

Palm Beach County District surfer Sydney Corbitt took out the Girls U14 division with great flow and rail work, surfing from the outer sandbar take-offs and connecting to the inside re-forms. She worked hard and smart for those couple of extra points that always seem to make the difference in a close competition. Photo: Mez

Raise your hands! Sydney Corbitt gets the chair and high fives in her U14 triumph. Photo: Mez

Hardest working men on the beach three days straight? That would be a definite yes. Much respect. Photo: Mez

Muscleman Rod Logan engaged in an all-out, full throttle power duel with fellow strongman surfer Jason Motes on his way to a victory in the most exciting heat of the entire event, Senior Men’s. These two guys threw more heaving chunks of water and buried more lengths of rail than perhaps all competitors combined and had the entire beach yelling out loud with each exploding hack, gouge, and lip bash. This was one heat you wish they could have given out two 1st-place awards. Great show guys — and kids, this is how you do it. Photo: Dugan

With Rod Logan’s 2nd-place finish in the GoPro Open Shortboard finals came the coveted Ironman award. Can he repeat at the September East Coast Championships? Stay tuned! Photo: Mez

Clever Surfboards shaper/owner Jay Smith not only has equipment dialed but also found the sweet spot patch of sand in the high tide shorebreak, powering his way to 1st-place in the Legends division. Photo: Mez

Winner Jay Smith (with B&W plaque) and fellow Legends finalists looking salty, stoked, and no doubt ready for a well-deserved ice-cold brew. Photo: Mez

Tent city beachscape with judges’ tower/event HQ scaffolding at Howard Futch Memorial Park at Paradise Beach, the site of your 2017 ESA Southeast Regionals. Photo: Mez

CJ Garren, GoPro Open Shortboard winner, was on fire through every heat he surfed and reigned as one of the contest’s in-form competitors. Photo: Dugan

The Palm Beach County District had the numbers and the stoke on the beach when one of their own was in the water, letting them (and the beach) know it. You have to love the enthusiasm this crew brought to the event every day. Photo: Mez

Colin Anderson, winner of the Reflekt Unsinkable Polarized Men’s division. Photo: Mez

Friday Day One’s winners and finalists group shot. Thank you everyone who could patiently stick around and join us! This one always makes for one of the best shots you’ll see of yourself and your friends when you look back at this great day in your life. Photo: Mez

Speaking of great… one of the 2017 ESA Southeast Regionals event sponsors, Long Doggers, gave us all the strength and energy needed as they served up some of the tastiest breakfast burritos and lunches you could hope for. Photo: Mez

Menehune U12 winner Carl Burger definitely turned more than a few heads with a polished-beyond-his-years style and rail game. His bleach blonde Afro is as priceless as some of his frontside snaps! Photo: Mez

(Left) Longtime ESA competitor, All-Star, coach, mentor, and all-around good person Haley Watson took home the Women’s division 1st-place trophy plaque, a black and white rendition of a Sebastian Inlet barrel. (Right) Also a perennial standout for many years, Lisa Tanner left the Right Coast surf competition scene for awhile but is back and received the same for her triumphant win in the Ladies bracket. Photos: Mez

Sophie Falzone, who finished 1st-place in Junior Women U18, had her hands full in this final but managed to beat out some very talented surfers in one very stacked heat. Photo: Mez

Junior Women U18 finalists with winner Sophie Falzone in black and grey while proudly holding her black and white photo of Sebastian high. Photo: Mez

Boys U16 1st-place finisher Shawn Arthur not only had his frontside, full rail wraparound mojo going all event long, but also when it counted the most in his final. Photo: Mez

Shawn Arthur. Photo: Mez

The waiting is the hardest part. Photo: Mez

And the celebrating is the easiest. Hannah Waltman (in red ) and Taylor Green (in orange ) carry Girls U16 winner Anna Bloess from water’s edge all the way to the judges’ tower in one of the most impressive chairs of the entire event. Girl Power! Photo: Mez

Just a few of the people behind the scenes making it happen: (left to right) event announcer Jeff Mosely from the ESA-Georgia District, East Coast Surfing Hall Of Famer Pam Hill, event announcer Travis Ajay, and ESA Executive Director Michelle Sommers. Photo: Mez

ESM’s best event Crossfire of a Joey Putnall boost during a U18 heat with Mez on the wider, pulled-back angle (above) while splashing around knee- to hipdeep in the shorebreak trying not to ruin his 1D-X and Dugan who zoomed in with a telephoto lens from up top of the judges’ tower (below) while sitting down in the nice, cool shade with a cold drink at hand. Photo: Mez

Photo: Dugan

Checking the scoreboard of happiness or heartbreak. Photo: Mez

Can you smell what Georgia Cook is cooking? Just another sweet-tasting victory in the Women’s Junior Longboard division and a trip to Easterns as the a cherry on top. Photo: Mez

Bend it like Benton! Eric Benton using some serious leg on his way to netting 1st-place in the Masters bracket. Photo: Mez

Way to go Eric! With a beautiful new baby at home and his Ohana Surf & Art Camp about to heat up for the summer, Eric was particularly stoked on this victory. Photo: Mez

Atta’ girl — we’ll get ‘em next time. Photo: Mez

Tom O’Brien SUP’ing his way to 1st-place in Open SUP. Hey, say what you want haters, but the guys who competed in this division are all accomplished surfers who were ripping out there and putting on a show moving those beasts around with skill and flair. Photo: Mez

Tent City. Photo: Mez

Ben McCarthy, Boys U14 winner — somewhere Mickey McCarthy is smiling down on this lad’s name and his big win. Photo: Mez

U14 boys finalists with their awards — always stoked just to be in the water or at least near it. Photo: Mez

Final day finalists and winners. Photo: Mez

The load out. See ya’ at Easterns! Photo: Mez

2017 Eastern Surfing Association – Southeast Regionals Recap from Shoots Media on Vimeo.

GoPro Open Shortboard
1. CJ Garren SAFL
2. Rodney Logan NCFL
3. Jonathon Wallhauser CFL
4. Colin Anderson NFL
5. Jason Motes NFL
6. Casey Piester

Reflekt Unsinkable Polarized Mens
1. Colin Anderson NFL
2. Michael Kapica WFL
3. Brett Staska PBFL
4. Michael Morrill PBFL
5. Casey Piester SAFL
6. Mason Burke NFL

Junior Men U18
1. Jonathan Wallhauser CFL
2. Shawn Arthur, Jr. SAFL
3. CJ Garren SAFL
4. Sean O’Neal NFL
5. Joey Putnall CFL
6. Chris Caldwell PBFL

Junior Women U18
1. Sophie Falzone NFL
2. Madeline Zeuli CFL
3. Anna Bloess GA
4. Hanna Waltman NGFL
5. Morgan Morris NCFL
6. Faith Patten PBFL

Boys U16
1. Shawn Arthur, Jr. SAFL
2. Henry Gratten NFL
3. Davis Sebastian CFL
4. Joey Putnall CFL
5. Logan Hofstetter CFL
6. Kai DeLorenzo SAFL

Girls U16
1. Anna Bloess GA
2. Taylor Green NGFL
3. Hannah Waltman NGFL
4. Audrey Presti CFL
5. Jasmine Gailey CFL
6. Morgan Morris NCFL

Boys U14
1. Ben McCarthy NFL
2. Blake Tanner NFL
3. Braeden Kopec NCFL
4. Luke Tanner NFL
5. Solon McLaughlin NFL
6. Gavin Coluccio SAFL

Girls U14
1. Sydney Corbitt PBFL
2. Abbie Yates CFL
3. Sarah Abbott PBFL
4. Audrey Presti CFL
5. Sophia Kalantzis CFL
6. Sara Stotz CFL

Menehune U12
1. Carl Burger SAFL
2. Sterling Makish PBFL
3. Evan Tyson SAFL
4. Kepa Mendia PBFL
5. Braeden Kopec NCFL
6. Corbin Buckley CFL

1. Haley Watson SAFL
2. Jade Beasley FCFL
3. Taylor Richard CFL

1. Eric Benton CFL
2. Chris Burdine PBFL
3. Leonardo Merchan PBFL
4. Lindino Benedett GA
5. Donald Hopper SAFL
6. Brian Fisher WFL

1. Lisa Tanner NCFL
2. Alycya Simmons CFL

Senior Men
1. Rodney Logan NCFL
2. Jason Motes NFL
3. CJ Ilano NFL
4. Daryl Martineau NFL
5. Darlon Lopez PBFL
6. Sean Sabastian CFL

1. Jay Smith NCFL
2. Dave Hoag PBFL
3. Mike Cunningham NFL
4. Lynn Harrington NCFL
5. Phillip Harris PBFL
6. Rob Persan

Grand Legends
1. Bruce Burnstin
2. Steve Moldenhauer CFL
3. Larry Holmes CFL
4. Alex Arnold NFL
5. Doug Marsh NCFL
6. Charlie Quick SAFL

Menehune Longboard
1. Sara Stotz CFL
2. Ava Drusch CFL
3. Trelan McLaughlin NFL
4. Jessica Wallhauser CFL
5. Alex Dubois GA

Jr. Men Longboard
1. Ryan Conklin SAFL
2. Jonathon Wallhauser CFL
3. Nicholas Ferry NCFL
4. Gavin Silver NCFL
5. Zac Mignot NGFL
6. Spencer Fenton PBFL

Jr. Women Longboard
1. Georgia Cook GA
2. Anna Bloess GA
3. Jasmine Gailey CFL
4. Madoy Franz SAFL
5. Fiona Sargente CFL
6. Brook Davis

Mens Longboard
1. Brett Staska PBFL
2. Bubba Tyson SAFL
3. Leonardo Merchan GA

Masters Longboard
1. David Montgomery FCFL
2. Jason Motes NFL
3. Rodney Logan NCFL
4. Joshua Kistler NFL
5. Dean Holley PBFL
6. Daryl Martineau NFL

Legends Longboard
1. Steve Moldenhauer CFL
2. Phillip Harris PBFL
3. William Austin CFL
4. Eddy Clement NCFL
5. Charlie Quick SAFL
6. Doug Marsh NCFL

Open SUP
1. Tom O’Brien
2. Jake Williams NGFL
3. William Austin CFL

Menehune Bodyboard
1. Alex Dubois GA
2. Emily Clement NCFL
3. Carson Mosley GA

Iron Man
Rodney Logan NCFL

Youth Iron Man
Jonathon Wallhauser CFL

Youth Iron Woman
Anna Bloess GA

Hot Wave
Shawn Arthur 9

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